Welcome "Aboard"

Team "Owl Aboard" with Jessica & Jerry Butanda!


Hi! I'm SO happy to have you on board!! I know that joining Origami Owl, and starting a business of your own, is exciting and a little scary! I'll be with you every step of the way! After reading through this newsletter, come join us on the team page, introduce yourself, and let us know if you have any questions!

Some of you may not be thinking about selling Origami Owl as an actual "business" - but doing in your spare time or even just buying for yourself at a discount. That's okay too!!

I just joined... NOW WHAT?!?

This is our current exclusive for hostesses (AND US!!)

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First things first!

1. Schedule your launch party ASAP

  • Pick a date for your launch party IMMEDIATELY!!! I usually tell people to pick two days - like a Tuesday/Thursday or a Saturday/Sunday. This way you can invite everyone and if there is a day they can't come, there is a back up party for people who can't make the first one. The launch parties should focus on bookings and sharing Origami Owl with people who might want to start their own business. Don't worry so much about selling products.
  • GET YOUR CALENDAR FULL! Try to book your 2 launch parties, 2 parties from your launch parties, and 2 outside bookings. This will give you 6 in the next 4-6 weeks and will get your business booming! Origami Owl Jewelry Bars are sooooo easy.

2. Understand your Job Description

  • It consists of only 3 little things. Love the products - Share the products - Find other people to love and share the products too!

3. Get your Coaching Call/Meeting List Ready

  • I love hearing your "why". Tell me why you decided to join Origami Owl! This helps me understand what I can do to help you achieve your goals. Goals are going to be super important in your success! Facebook friend-request me so we can connect and chat about your goals!

4. Print and Read the Policy & Procedure Manual

  • Highlight important sections
  • Write down questions to cover with me
  • Know them! Follow them! Ask me if you aren't sure!!

5. Get a Calendar that you can use to Book Jewelry Bars

  • Mark the days you are available to have jewelry bars on.
  • Have a separate calendar for family events.
  • Use one that has a monthly view.

6. Collect or Buy Items for your Jewelry Bar Display

  • Keep it simple.
  • You only really need what is in your starter kit until you start making money.
  • Look around your house! You'd be surprised how many things you ALREADY HAVE that you could use for your display!

7. Set up your Business Email Address and Business Facebook Page

  • Gmail or Yahoo are great resources for email. Use this for all your business so that things to do not get lost and you can find them quickly.
  • http://www.myesig.com/samples.php?pc=1090 - this is a resource for Origami Owl's official email signature line. I ran my business for over a year without one of these, but I do love how cute and professional it looks!!
  • Start a business Facebook fanpage, and post to it often! Post some business stuff, and lots of NON-business stuff! People will get bored if you're CONSTANTLY posting product shots or asking them to buy/host/join. Keep it fun!

8. Set up your Business Voicemail Greeting

  • Announce that you are an Origami Owl Designer on your voice mail.

9. Build your "Who Do You Know" list!

  • Use the FRANK system - friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, kids' contacts.
  • List all the people you know and don't be judgmental of who may or may not love Origami Owl. You never know! 10 friends, 10 relatives, 10 neighbors, 10 acquaintances and 10 people surrounding children is 50 already. Put stars next to people who may need a girls' night, who love to entertain, or might need some extra cash.

10. First Goals to Achieve:

  • Have a Launch Party and Enter Your First Orders
  • Sell $500 PV in the first 15 days
  • Book 2-5 jewelry bars in 60 days
  • Recruit your first team member in the first 60 days. Learn together. This can be your Origami Owl buddy. You will forever have memories you will cherish.

Sample Script to call people you know:

Hi _________, this is _________. I just started a new Origami Owl business, would you consider helping me get my new business of the ground? I need a few people to host Jewelry Bars so I can get some practice sharing my love for these products! If you book a Jewelry bar and help me this one time, I promise I will never bug you again to book a party. If you want to book one ever again, it will be because you asked me. You and your friends will just love Origami Owl - I get so many compliments on mine!

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Origami Owl Business Cards - This should be one of your FIRST purchases!!

Have your ordered business cards? When we started we thought the cards were too expensive (so we didn't order any). So what did we do instead? HAND OUT CATALOGS. Uhhhhm, those are WAY more expensive!! Go buy business cards AS SOON as you can - start handing them out to everyone!! https://flyersdirect.com/origamiowl/ is one place, but you can download templates from the back office and print them anywhere! Ask your mentor about this!

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Commission! Payday! Discounts!!

Be sure to sign up for the PayQuicker card when Origami Owl sends you the link - that is how we get paid! It works like a pre-paid Visa card... You can transfer money straight into your bank account or you can use the card like a credit card. Be sure to read the information about how to avoid fees when using the card!!

Our commission week runs Sunday through Saturday, and is on Eastern time. So for any orders YOU place or a customer places on your WEBSITE by Saturday night at midnight Eastern, you will get paid THAT FRIDAY!! Lots of times the money is actually deposited on Thursday night! Exciting stuff!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I need for my jewelry bar display?

I can't stress enough. You should make money before you spend money in this business. I did my first 3 or 4 Jewelry bars with only what was in my starter kit. You will see a ton of elaborate displays, but that does not make or break how successful a Jewelry Bar is! What matters is your authenticity and how passionate you are about your business. When you are ready, here are some of my suggestions.

  • Folding Table
  • Table cloth
  • Jewelry Displays from Nile Corp or the back office - I suggest the linen displays
  • Display decorations - Keep these within our Origami Owl branding - teal, linen, white and a hint of pink.
  • Hostess gifts
  • Game gifts
  • Business cards

How Do I Get Bookings?

  • Your Launch Party ~ Do not focus on sales, focus on getting your friends and family to book parties.
  • Spread the word through social media about your new business.
  • Private Facebook message people.
  • Call your friends and family and ask them to help you with your new business.
  • Set up your list of 100 and just start asking.
  • Leave catalogs (with your info) at businesses, doctors offices, your nail salon, etc.
  • Ask your friends for referrals

Where do I go to learn and get help?

  • Coaching call with your mentor
  • The Back office training videos
  • Our Tuesday Team Call from my mentor, Jill. Watch the FB page for details. It is every Tuesday. She emails out the link (usually).
  • Monday night webinars from Corporate - these are posted in the back office.
  • Every network marketing book you can get your hands on such as Mary Christensen's books.
  • OUR TEAM FACEBOOK GROUP. Always go back there!

What Do I Need to Know About the Back Office?

Be Sure To:

  • Know how to enter an order
  • Know how to set up a jewelry bar
  • Learn about the hostess rewards
  • Know where to find and order the business materials
  • How to read the reports, especially the DOWNLINE REPORT
  • How to set up a jewelry bar
  • How to fill out an order form
  • Commissions

What Do I Need to Give When People are Interested in Parties/Joining?

Hostess Packets:

  • Your Business Card
  • Hostess Letter
  • 7-10 order forms
  • 5 Catalogs
  • Hostess exclusive Flyer
  • Hostess Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Your Story
  • Hostess Wish List
  • Opportunity Flyer

Recruiting Packet:

  • Your Business card
  • Your story
  • Career flyer
  • Catalog
  • A personal note
  • Some candy
  • Anything to make it cute

Welcome Packet:

  • Hand-written welcome card
  • Business card
  • Little gift
  • Information flyer of where they can go for info or info to the group page.
  • Anything to give it your personality and love!
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Simple Jewelry Bar Display

Who can I ask for help?

You are NEVER bugging me:

My contact information including my name, telephone number, and e-mail address is everywhere! Contact me anytime! I answer texts and Facebook messages almost immediately and I'm happy to help any way I can. I am truly so excited for you! I can’t wait to see where you Origami Owl takes you... and the possibilities are endless!

Who is my Up Line?

You will always have support! Here is your Origami Owl family tree:

  • Origami Owl (The NEST)
  • Heidi Russell ~ Executive Director
  • Leslie Rhodes ~ Senior Director
  • Janice Tarquin ~ Executive Team Leader
  • Jill McCarthy ~ Executive Team Leader
  • Jessica Butanda ~ Executive Team Leader


1. The Origami Owl Back Office

2. The Owl Aboard Team Facebook Group

  • This is your 24 hour help area.
  • Check out all the files and photos in this group area. There are hundreds of things that will help you in your business.

3. Call the Nest at 1-888-491-0331

  • If you really can't find your answer anywhere else, give the Nest a call! They'll be happy to help!

Jessica + Jerry Butanda

Seriously - call/text/message us anytime! We're here to help and you are NOT "bothering" us!! We prefer to receive texts so that we can reply immediately!