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Weekly information for Bear Tavern - March 18, 2016

Our Time is NOW...

Note from the Principal

Happy Friday Bear Tavern Staff,

I am still struggling to recover from Daylight Savings Time. I was exhausted overall the past few days and found myself feeling uncharacteristically frustrated at different times throughout the week.

This time of the year is tough. The calendar starts heating up with lots of Spring activities, Spring sports start up for those of us with kids, which could lead to extra trips and time spent at the baseball, softball, lacrosse fields, etc., lots of end of MP assessing, etc. Things can get tense!

I want to call everyone's attention to the quote of the week this week, because I had to call my own attention to it a few times... which is normal and healthy.

If something frustrates you or you feel overwhelmed over the next few weeks, ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • Why is it upsetting me? Why is it so important to me?
  • How am I reacting to the situation? What other possible ways to react are there?
  • Is it something that can be fixed, or does it fall under the category of "it is what it is?"
  • Do I know all of the factors involved and have all of the information that I need? Or is there something I may be overlooking?

After you ask yourself those questions, if you are still frustrated think about talking directly to the person involved. If that doesn't work, or if I am the person involved, take a minute and let me know what you are thinking. Sharing ideas and feelings is the only way to learn and grow. If presented respectfully, critical feedback can help us grow and make things better. More importantly, if someone is venting to you in a way that you feel is not productive, stop him/her politely and suggest that he/she come to me. We all have a role to play in helping each other avoid frustration and to maintain a positive environment at BT.

Frustrations can spread like a disease anywhere, but especially in a school. Every single staff member works so hard and give 100% every day (and night in most cases). It is natural that when things go wrong or outcomes don't align with what we wanted, that we get frustrated, exhausted, upset or even hurt. We have an important job, and one about which we are all passionate.

I had a very productive talk with a student today about a similar topic. About all of the things that we can do when we get angry/frustrated to simply feel better. For some people walking works, for some breathing, others writing, etc.; there are many things that we can do to feel calm and relaxed. He liked Legos, and while I whole heartedly endorse Legos for adults, you may need to pick something else for you.

The bottom line is that we have more control over our mood and our emotions than we think. And that means that every one of us controls the environment around us. When we think about our frustrations, learn from them and try to take positive actions based upon them, we can make them go away in many cases and our world gets instantly better.

I can speak from experience when I say that being frustrated is no fun and that when we weed out the concerns that we can control and the ones that we can't control, life gets simpler and easier. In most cases, if one person is feeling a certain way, others may be as well. So if you find yourself getting overwhelmed and/or upset in the near future, just smile and know that it happens to everyone and think about the questions above. Then figure out your next step. Our kids need us all and they need us all at our very best; we have the most important job that there is...

Have a great weekend and thank you for all that you do. Let's keep all of the positive momentum that we have built going and help each other to enjoy every day that we have together at Bear Tavern. It is an incredible place to work and we are all very fortunate.

I'm really looking forward to a great afternoon today! Enjoy yourself.



Special Reminders & Upcoming Dates

Information & Reminders:

  • 3/18 - March Madness Sportsmanship Assembly.

  • IMPORTANT - Please see the following two documents from Mr. Suozzo regarding the Annual Process as well as SGOs & PDPs. (click here for annual process) (click here for SGO / PDP). Please take a moment to read (and save) the documents.

  • Internal Transfer Interest - If you are interested in exploring a change within the building, please indicate it to me by clicking HERE. The brief form is not binding, it just let's me know that you are looking for a change. Conversely, transfers are not guaranteed because a form was filled in, the form simply opens up a dialogue. The forms and all information on them will be 100% confidential for my eyes only and they are totally optional. If you are not looking to explore a change, please just disregard.


Friday 3/18 - International Night

Friday 3/18 - Assembly (PM SCHEDULE) - March Madness Finals Game & Sportsmanship Assembly

Monday 3/21 - Faculty Meeting (including an ESL Presentation & Dr. Smith's 'State of the District Address')

Mon - Wed. 3/21-3/23 - CoGAT 2nd Grade

Friday 3/25 - NO SCHOOL

Tues. & Wed. 3/29 & 3/30 - Kindergarten Registration

Friday 4/1 - Niefer Spring Celebration (2:30 pm)

Friday 4/1 - Autism Awareness (wear blue)

Mon. - Fri. 4/4 - 4/8 - Spring Break (School Closed)

Looking Ahead:

Wednesday 4/13 - Life Touch Pictures

Wednesday 4/13 - Principal's Cabinet

Friday 4/15 - End of 3rd MP

Friday 4/15 - Science Fair

Thursday 4/28 - Take Your Child to Work Day

Mon. 4/25 - Mon. 5/2 - PARCC (5 days, no testing on 4/28)

Quote of the Week:

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Article of the Week:

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