Johannes Keppler

Pre 1900

Date/s of discoveries.....

* Keplers 1st law 1605

* Kepler 2nd law 1609

* Kepler 3rd law 1618

What was the discoveries.....

Keplers first law- able to determine that planets orbits were elliptical in shape with the sun at one focus. Not circular.

Kepler second law- planets move faster as they travel closer to the sun, rather Then travelling at a constant speed

Kepler third law- discovered that a time a planet took to complete an orbit was related to its distance from the sun. Eg pluto furthest from the sun has on orbit of 28yrs and Mercury closest planet has an orbit of 88 days

Technologies used of time.....

Mathematics,log books as a tool for calculating planetary positions.

Calculating using logarithms, which he developed, and provided perpetual tables for calculating planetary positions

What contribution did they make to our knowledge and understanding of the solar system....

*planet orbits are elliptical in shape.

* planets move faster as they get closer to the sun.

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