Bionic Limbs

And how they can help amputees.

What are bionic limbs?

You can replace limbs that are removed or damaged with artificial limbs that are connected to a computer or your nervous system to replace your normal limbs. They can be used to give people who have lost limbs a chance to get another one. Bionic arms can look like normal arms or they can be given a cool design of your choice.

What is this and how can it help businesses?

Bionic limbs can give people who have lost body parts a chance to have one again. Most bionic limbs are connected to the nervous system, so they move just like a normal arm or leg.

Businesses that create bionic arms know that they can be very expensive, and if you want to have a limb you lost, chances are you are going to pay the price. Most bionic limb facilities just want to help people, and money is just another factor.

Describe the safety concerns of this technology from multiple points of view.

While wearing the prosthetic/bionic limbs, many injuries can occur, and most sports have even banned them. Then, in the office, bionic limbs can be dangerous if they are made out of metal, and can mess up technology around them.

Your thoughts on the life of the technology (how long will it last- when will it become obsolete?)

I think bionic limbs can become very useful, but only to people who have lost limbs. If you want a robotic arm, you’re going to have to lose an actual one first, and that can only happen from a serious injury. I believe that prosthetic limbs will become obsolete when they figure out how to clone and create actual human body parts.

What is the cost of the technology? (Dollar amount, privacy, social cost, psychological, etc.)

The cost of a bionic arm can be around $109,060, but also includes the loss of a limb. although they are expensive, most people would pay any amount to get what they've lost back.

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