Where and when it started

Began 4,000 years ago in India it was the religion of ancient people know as the aryans Nobel people whose Philosophy religon and customs are recorded in their scarred texts links as the Vedas

Who founded Hinduism

Hinduism has neither specific moment of orgin nor a specific founder rather the tradition understands itself to be timeless having always excited indeed its collection of scared texts know as a whole known as Santana daharm the eternal teaching

What are their beliefs

Hinduism on threre beliefs and behaviors of people and not on one particular book or person

Their Holy book/book

Dose not just have one book but multiple scriptures and it's called the Vedas

How many denominations are in the Hindu's religion


How many people are in Hinduism

It's the third largest religon amd has 940 million people about 14 percent of the world poppulation

How to be Hindu

Learn the basics tenets of Hinduism

Learn the deities of Hinduism

Learn to read the bhagavad gita