Getting to know Montana 👌😜😂💯

Life is Disappointments Broken only By Darkness.

Something I did yesterday

I went to basketball practice. We ran through drills and had to go through our offense. Our defense was okay but we ran through that to. We played against each other and the losers had to run full court suicides. My team ended up losing and we had to do three of them.

Something you do well...

Something I do well is sports. Sports is my life I am an athlete I do play basketball, football, softball, and soccer. I love basketball and football the most they help me take out and do what i gotta do. If I'm upset depressed or upset I just turn to sports or run. I love to run to get things off my mind. One time I ran crying and did not stop for a long time.

Something about my childhood

Something about my child hood well my childhood was okay for somewhat then the other times it just completely sucked. I was stuck in a bad time at 9 it was the worst time. I struggled for a long time there's something's people don't know about me it just sucked. I'd get on the bus and listen to kids talk about how great there life was and perfect and just how they had there parents and a bunch of things. I just couldn't handle it sometimes i would break down and it would just suck.

Something I learned last week

Something i dislike