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East Tennessee History

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What are the major historical landmarks in this region of upper East Tennessee and who are the historical figures that made this region of the country a place visitors would enjoy?

East Tennessee's Place In History

Tennessee has impacted history majorly by a lot of events. Including volunteering for the war of 1812, later became the birthplace of country music, and lastly built the worlds fastest half in east Tennessee.
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Famous Tennessean's And Their Role In History

  • Their were 2 presidents from Tennessee including James K. Polk, and Andrew Johnson
  • Another historical person important to history is Daniel Boone, he blazed through a trail known as Wilderness road and began expansion through Cumberland Gap
  • Tennessee is also home to the brave Cherokee Indians that were pushed west onto native reservations

Tennessee’s Participation In The Civil War

Tennessee contributed by helping the United States against Britain sending around 3,500 volunteers to fight in the war.

East Tennessee’s Southern Heritage Roots

East Tennessee has great fertile land, that's why Tennessee is a agricultural based economy. And many people call this living slow! Tennesseans enjoy their heritage and holidays by celebrating on certain days. Many people go to church and have great home cooked meals.
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Tourist Attractions In East Tennessee

There are many tourists attractions in Tennessee such as:
  • Bristol Motor Speedway- the worlds fastest 1/2 mile race track, located in Bristol, TN.
  • Dolly-wood- An amusement park located in gatlinburg, TN. Also home to the worlds fastest wooden roller coaster.
  • Birthplace of country music museum- a museum showing off country music's history in east Tennessee.


In conclusion Tennessee has had a big impact for this new developed country.And I feel that Tennessee has many years to go, to make another huge impact on history!