The 2016 International Dog Show

Featuring President Obama's dog, BO

Only Two Months Away...

Huzzah! The 2016 International Dog Show is just around the corner. There will be people from all over the world coming to this event, so you should too! The president of the US will be there, along with the Queen of England. (I don't even know if she has a dog, lets just imagine she does.) These leaders will be judging your dogs and the Best Dog will earn $100 million dollars! (WOaH!)

The 2016 International Dog Show

Monday, Dec. 12th 2016 at 4am-10:30pm

Wichita, KS, United States

Wichita, KS

( T H I S I S N O T A R E A L E V E N T )

please do not show up in Kansas at four am, expecting a dog show and the Queen of England.

4-5am- Welcome

5:30-6am- Welcoming the President and the Queen

6:30-8am- First Event

8-9am- BREAK

9:30-11am- Second Event

11-1am- BREAK/ Winner of first two events

1:30-3pm- Third Event

3-4pm- BREAK

4:30-6pm- Final Event

6-8pm- BREAK / Winner of last two events

8-8:30pm- Agility Course for final contestants

8:30-10:30- Judge's Speech / Social Party