MIS Monday Message

April 4 - 8

Season of Change

It's springtime and changes are starting to happen. As we have talked about now for several weeks, we are going to be doing some shifting in order to better utilize the resources of our district. Our students have been, and will always remain our first priority. These changes will ensure that they continue to receive a high quality education and that we can continue to provide the programs we know they need.

I'm so thankful that the shifts we are making are in the best interest of our students AND those making changes. Thank you for being willing to volunteer for these new challenges in order to help us better serve our students. In the past week several decisions have been made for next year that I'd like to share with you. They are:

  • We will have 7 sections of third and fourth grade, and 6 sections of fifth grade next year. This will require a teacher in third and a teacher in fourth to be self-contained rather than departmentalized. We will have 20 regular classes.
  • Tina Harrison will be the self-contained teacher in third grade. (no room change)
  • Angie Goodding will be the self-contained teacher in fourth grade. (room TBD)
  • Amy Rosegrant and Lee Ann James both volunteered to move to MMS to teach 6th grade literacy. We are sad to lose them, but excited about the opportunity for them to bridge the gap between MIS and MMS for our students.
  • Libby Case (2nd grade teacher at MES) volunteered to move to MIS to teach 3rd grade literacy. She will be partnered with Karyn Jones and will be located in Tracy Reynold's room. Karyn will move into Angie's room.
  • Erin Engelkes and Carmen Fair will be partners in third grade again (no room changes.)
  • Carrie West will be the full-time Dyslexia Therapist for our district. She will move into Karyn Jones' room and will provide dyslexia therapy to students at MIS, MMS, and MHS. Rachel and Julie will absorb her literacy coaching responsibilities.
  • Tina Jacks will be the Keyboarding parapro next year. Nikki Pharr has accepted a position at the Co-op and will be leaving us. :(

Those are the changes as they stand now. There are still possibilities for other changes as we fill some of the open positions, and there may still be some partner changes. I will continue to keep you informed of them as they become official.

Although we are sad to see some of our employees moving on at the end of the year, we are so thankful for their time with us. We are having a great year with our students and each person plays a role in that.

We have a staff meeting on Wednesday afternoon at 3:20. Mrs. Lanehart will be there to talk with us for a few minutes about the district, and we'll also be having our ACT Aspire training. We also have three teachers who recently went to a state-wide Dyslexia conference who will share what they learned. We will be finished no later than 4:15.

Let's have a great week at MIS!

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Celebrating OUR Students

This weekend we had several events going on that celebrated our MIS students. The Special Olympics was held on Saturday at the MHS track and we had many of our students involved. It was a great day for our kids and those who came out and volunteered. Thanks so much to those who helped out! The smiles on our kids' faces were priceless and they parents were so proud. Way to go!

We also had the Southeast Regional Choir Concert. MIS had several students who have been practicing their music and spent all day Saturday rehearsing with other students from our region. Their concert was beautiful! It's so neat to see how our students are gifted in so many areas besides just academics. Thanks to those who helped with this event!

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Special PD Session this Friday

The Drug Task Force will be here on Friday, April 8, to provide marijuana awareness training for our staff members. Unfortunately it's something we all need to be aware of in order to support our students. While teachers are in the session, students will go outside and get some exercise. Parapros will watch students for the first two sessions, and then Crystal, Rachel, and Regina will watch students for the third session. The schedule is below:

  • 8:00 - Fifth grade and Pullout teachers
  • 8:40 - Fourth grade and Office staff
  • 9:20 - Third grade and Parapros
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The Hospitality committee is now in charge of planning fun events once a month for our staff. The event for April is lunch out for staff one day this week.

Classroom teachers may take their students to lunch 10 minutes early. Blake and I will be there to watch them.


  • Monday - Fourth grade, 11:30 - 12:40
  • Tuesday - Fifth grade, 12:10 - 1:20, Paraprofessionals, 10:50 - 12:00
  • Wednesday - Third grade, 10:50 - 12:00
  • Thursday - Support staff, 10:50 - 12:00
  • Friday - Office staff, 11:30 - 12:40


* This week we will continue to work on Power Standards in meetings. This is the last week of Academy for this round. RtI will be next week, so please get progress monitoring and data completed this week.

Monday, 4/4

  • Fire drill (unnanounced)

Tuesday, 4/5

  • Spring and Group pictures in the gym

Wednesday, 4/6

  • MMS Honor's Assembly (please email Julie if you need to attend)
  • Faculty meeting, 3:20 pm

Thursday, 4/7

  • Third grade music programs, 8:30 and 9:30

Friday, 4/8

  • Drug Awareness PD (see schedule above)


  • April 18-20 - Third grade ACT Aspire Testing
  • April 20 - Grades cut off for progress reports
  • April 22 - Grades uploaded by noon for progress reports
  • April 25-26 - Fourth grade ACT Aspire Testing
  • April 26 - Progress reports
  • April 27-28 - Fifth grade ACT Aspire Testing
  • April 28 - After school program ends
  • April 29 - Deadline for Peer observations
  • May 2- 20 - Summative conferences for all certified staff