Deadly Waters

A Mystery In Everglades National Park


In this wonderful chapter Ashley, Jack and Bridger go to The Watson's place and they meet a man named Gordon he asks to see Jacks camera but Jack is hesitating to give it to him,but while Jack is trying to decide but Gordon snatches the camera and walks around in his boat and goes to the wheel and turns on the boat and takes off with his camera. After some time went by Ashley saw blood so Bridger jumped in the water to see what it was , so when he came back he said it was a manatee and it was dying because Gordon hit her.So a while after that incident Frankie came to pick them up then she dropped them off with their parents and she left them so they talked at the motel room about what happened and how the kids could have been killed so after they talked they went to dinner and they all ate the kids ordered dessert and the parents left because they had some work to do so when the parents left the kids started talking about what happened and as Bridger finished talking Ashley spotted mysterious boat.