Drill Team History

"Beauty knows no Pain"

Gussie Nell Davis

Gussie Nell Davis is known for creating the first dancing pep squad at Greenville High School in Greenville, TX in 1929. The Flaming Flashes were an all girls pep squad that later developed into a drum and bugle corps that performed precision dancing and twirling.

In 1939, Davis was hired by Kilgore College to organize a group of girls to perform at halftime during the college football games to keep fans in their seats and to increase the enrollment of women at Kilgore College. As a result, the WORLD FAMOUS KILGORE COLLEGE RANGERETTES were born.

Ms. Davis directed the Rangerettes for 40 years making them famous for their high kicks and precision dancing. She expected nothing less than perfection from the Rangerettes and was considered Relentless. Her job was her life and the Rangerettes were her family. Davis taught every Rangerette life lessons and values that they would keep with them for the rest of their lives.

World Famous Kilgore College Rangerettes

- On September 12, 1940, the Rangerettes would make their debut.

- Introducing 48 line members and 5 line officers, the Rangerettes were the first women's precision drill team.

- The Rangerettes are well known for their high kicks, precision style dancing and their trademark uniform.

- Since the 1940's the only part that has changed on the red, white and blue uniform is the skirt length.

- The Rangerettes have performed all over the world. Some locations include; Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and recently Ireland.

- Other performances include; Dallas Cowboys halftime, Cotton Bowl halftime, President George W. Bush and Barack Obama's Inaugurations and Parade, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

- The Rangerettes are made up of freshman and sophomores.

- The Rangerettes hold a week long tryout process called pretraining where around 36 girls are selected for the new line of Rangerettes.

- The Rangerettes perform the same kick routine at every football game and then an additional pom, prop or streamer jazz routine.

- The Rangerettes have many traditions that that they have kept up with since the organization was introduced.

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Rangerettes Influence the Development of Other College Drill Teams

In 1947, another precision dance team was premiered from East Texas. The Tyler Junior College established the Apache Roses, now known as the Apache Belles.

In 1960, the Texas State Strutters were created. The Strutters were the first precision dance team formed at a 4 year university.

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