The #EitnerEDU Update

Spring 2018 Edition

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From the Proprietor

Happy Spring, everyone!

While here in the northeast feels more like summer already (after feeling like winter for a very long time), we are also celebrating another year of wonderful teaching, learning, and academic, athletic, and artistic success throughout our schools.

As you will read below, we have quite a bit coming up over the next few months, including announcing software we just had patented and new professional development dates for the 2018-19 school year. We are also beginning a partnership with offering virtual professional development in several schools in Asia! We will share much more in the next coming months.

In the meantime, savor the beautiful spring days, may you not be bogged with pollen, and continue to grow, learn, and move onward!

Yours in Education,


Meeting YOU where YOU are.

We get it, and we hear you.

You have been spooked off of Facebook and are tired of the spam & bots on Twitter.

In an effort to meet our learners where they are (social media wise), we are continuing our conversations platforms that are both easy to access and are free from garbage. We will still use previous platforms for information sharing but will be engaging on our other platforms because they have filters in place where we can continue to grow, learn, and move onward. Sign up for one or all of these apps below!

Announcing NEW software! ::CLOAKED::

You may have seen a few of us have some odd social media posts as of late. Some of our social media posts (Twitter & IG in particular) maybe have been seen, but all of the information in it may not have been. EitnerEDU has been experimenting with new software that we have copywritten that we are calling ::CLOAKED::. The program is designed to restrict access to certain IP addresses while layering (or what may know as 'pinging' & triangulating) geographic addresses. We have developed this software in efforts to help those that wish to partake in positive, productive social media experiences an opportunity to without being spammed or trolled.

We know it's been wildly successful because it's driving those it has affected bonkers!

EitnerEDU is in the midst of speaking to several internet search engines and companies about sponsoring this proprietary software and bringing it to everyone that desires it at little or no cost. Sign up for updates at!

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We are FULLY BOOKED for the summer of 2018!

Never did the #EitnerEDU team ever think that we would be COMPLETELY BOOKED for the summer of 2018! Starting in June, the EitnerEDU team will be in NINE states spanning from Connecticut to California! We will be working with Boards of Education, Superintendents, and central office administrators on everything from school apps to affirmative action protocols. Stay tuned for our updates!

Jay Eitner

Episode 6 - Cyber-shaming & Online Harassment with Sue Scheff by Jay Eitner

Episode 6 of THE TUB podcast was recorded last month. Have you heard?

Check out our latest podcast on Soundcloud. You can also subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, I Heart Radio, Sportify, and Stitcher!
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