Gregor Mendel

By Noah Niemer


Mendel was a scientist from the the mid 1800’s who was the first scientist to study genetics. He is known as the father of genetics.

Early Years

Mendel had many struggles and success's during his early years. He was accepted to the University of Olomouc and made very good relationships with his teachers giving him some of the best grades in the school but he also had some struggles. He often had a hard time getting good grades on tests and his parents could not afford to pay for his schooling.
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Experimental Design Description

He crossed a yellow and a green seed and found out that it makes yellow seeds but when you cross two of the new generation of seeds some green pop up. He tried this with long and short stem peas and different kinds of fertilizer but always got the same results in color.

Specific Data

There was always a 3:1 ratio For color size and shape even when he used long and short stem peas and different fertilizers.

Scientists reacted

Scientists were confused on what Mendel was trying to prove and why he was doing these experiments.


Later when Mendel was dead new scientist discovered his work and understood what he was doing and worked and improved his work, so he started it all.



Definition: A gene that will overpower another gene.

Example: The yellow dominant gene overrided the green one.


Definition:tending to go, move, or slant back

Example: I got the recessive dna that my parents never knew they had


Definition A gene that is neither dominant or recessive.

Example: That co dominant didn't over power it.