City Yoga Lessons

how is this natural resource formed?

natural steam, hot water, hot rocks, or the lava in the earths crust

is this a renewable or nonrenewable resource? Explain what this means.

geothermal energy is a renewable energy source because the heat is continuously produced inside the earth.

how is this natural resource used?

geothermal can be recovered as steam or hot water, and it can be used to heat buildings or to generate electricity.

what are the advantages of using this resource?

• potentially infinite energy supply

•used successfully in some countries, such as New Zealand and Iceland.

if this resource is nonrenewable, what are some ways to conserve, or alternatives to using this resource?

no. our source is renewable.

what are the disadvantages of using this resource?

•can be expensive to set up and only works in areas of volcanic activity.

• geothermal and volcanic activity might calm down, leaving power stations.

• dangerous elements found underground must be disposed of carefully.

where is this resource found most abundantly?

• they are deep underground and are largely undetectable above ground.

•in volcanic regions it is possible to use the natural heat of the earth.

are there any harmful effects to the earth during the process of collecting or harnessing this energy source?

it is found near volcanic regions and volcanic regions are absolutely hot and can kill you. they use it for electricity and heat. The magma could get to you.