Mrs. Brown's Poetry Page

Poems by students in A1 English Class

Mrs. Brown's English students have been studying poetry of the Romantic Era. To demonstrate what they learned, students wrote these poems in the Romantic tradition.

Lets rest by isyauna shequelle

Lets rest on infant furs of ears

Lets rest for we have to come in on our own

Were are dreams are shown

And that’s who we should follow

Lets rest on the sticky green leaves of our feet

I can feel our warmth on the gritty fur beneath my tounge

Lets listen to the birds sweet warm lungs

Lets rest on one another

On the swampy boggy ground lays my mire nose

Disdain the past and years to come

Look twards the future and see me For I will always be present

And you to me that I shall always play with

Experience my resting feet on the cusp of our victory

The rock

Lets rest and smell the nature cusps or our creative power

And give that power to our dreams for better luch when we


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Things That Keep Me Green By Sam Locker

Do you hear that? The rain tapping on the withered leaf

So close to falling from its branch

Just wanting to be a part of a beautiful wreath

With the rain now coming down like an avalanche

The leaf no longer looking so withered

Standing tall and lean

Happy to be in this wonderful blizzard

That’s what keeps the leaf green

Do you see that? The boy in the corner alone

Sad and scared to face life

In a group of 1, on his own

His rain ran away after a petty strife

But just when it looked that the boy would never be happy

A crowd gathered and asked him to play

He turned and apologized for being so snappy

And told them thank you for making his day

He had family and friends better than anyone had ever seen

That’s what kept the boy green

The Path By Chase Williams

Some paths you follow
Where you may move with peace
To cut from left to right
Just doing as you please

sweeping curves
looking around the bend
No trouble there you can see
No coming to an end

Then comes narrow
Not many choices there
Switchbacks are disclosed
Proceed with care

Cliffs there imposing
Many dangers for fall

Move closely to the inside
Or don't go there at all

You go with someone
Or you may go alone
As the leader or the follower
skills that you must own

as you travel on life's path
Decide where you should go
Make good decisions
as you follow

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By Christopher Wharton

Take me to the end of my time

There and back

Driving me crazier and crazier

But a never ending ride I cant help but enjoy

Anger and happiness

Fear and trust

Regret and satisfaction

All feelings I get with you

You’re my brother

And we may not always agree

Brothers fight and bicker

Brothers get upset and jealous

Brothers argue and disagree

But you’re my brother

And we will always stand beside each other

By De'Andre Cowan

Peace nowadays is hard but you got to see it clear

As I look and think about life ,

I realize life is like a fight

That you'll never win

Yes, everyone will die and sin

But the most important thing in that you don’t bend

You'll always get hit but you got to get back up

And live another day and continue

Get past the negative look at in the rearview.

Life is like a forest who gets its trees cut

It just continues it get itself back up

Sometimes you have to stop complaining and suck it up

As I look out to the horizon I notice the peace and quiet

Then I look back at the city and hear and see the riot

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A Sight to Behold By Gavin Hargis

Space is infinite void of nothing and everything

The vast reaches show pure opposites of dark and light

Looking upon the stars, oh what a beautiful sight

Wanting to journey upon a planet's ring

The mass of planets alters time and space allowing it to bend

Lightyears pass, the observable universe expands

We sit and watch as the light seeps into our sights

The dots of lights in the dark appear as a splotch of infinite possibilities

Filled with questions of what it, Wondering if there is life upon the stars

Even though the light you see are from stars long past

Their beauty and light still remains, a pleasure to watch the broadcast

Just as they leave a legacy behind so should you

To inspire others, to be gazed upon and not forgotten

To help one find their way in the dark

Just as all the celestial bodies have done,

Emit your ideas and thoughts until the end of your run

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One Last Ride By Jackson Gillette

The sun is setting causing the sky to turn bright yellow,

The clouds look as fluffy as a pillow,

The air is quickly turning cold,

The ginormous tree is incredibly old,

The geyser has its hot water spewing,

Before the night ends nature has its one last doing,

Again and again days pass by with little memory

Just living each and every day timidly

People do the same thing day after day

I won't let the day pass by, no not today

The day is almost over

But I will make it as unique as a four leaf clover

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Serenity By Maddie Burke

A ray of light glaring off the still water

The calm water slowly getting colder

As the sun says goodbye and footprints fade

Time passes slowly rocking you to sleep

the sun awaits a new day

The sun is setting, growing older

The night will come but pass again

As the moon takes over for a short time, the hope of day will return

As the waves crash harder

And the sun gets farther

You dream of what life would be like

If it were already tomorrow

As the orange shines down with such bliss

It is as sweet as a morning kiss

The day is my safe haven

Tomorrow is only a step away

The Natural Staircase By Thomas Hill

Look out into the distance to find an endless supply of trees

View so pretty it'll put you on your knees

Waterfall wont stop rushing

Be careful near the edge no pushing or shoving

So much to look at you cant describe it all

Rocks are slippery watch your step don’t slip and fall

Green algae as far as the eye can see

Watch out! Don't get stung by that bee

Fresh water as clear as my mind

Make sure you bring a buddy just in case you get in a bind

Get up and smell the fresh air

Watch what you eat you don't want to encounter a bear

Fallen trees and dead leaves decorate the ground

Don't eat your lunch on the ground you might be sitting on an ant mound

Don't bring your good clothes because you're going to get dirty

I definitely recommend to go hiking before the age of thirty

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By Jedrick Wills

A waterfall in the distant,

A variety of trees and plants in the near,

You never know when its over it could be instant,

But along the way there are many different things to hear,

The exotic roar of the water and animals.

The soft swift wind swaying through the leaves,

It would be nice to go and just hang from a limb,

Or take a never ending journey throughout the enormous trees.

The drop off is sudden,

You never know when its coming,

Tomorrow isn't promised so always make something out of nothing,

Enjoy every moment like its your last,

Or it will all end oh so very fast.

Sunset at the Canyon By Patrick Railey

On top of the giant rocks

Looking up at the hawks

Breathing in the air

Fresher then my hair

Water way down below

Clearer then the sky

Watch out don't trip

Its a mighty long fall

Sunsets coming quick

Hurry up and take your pics

Skies turning orange

Like an explosion in the sky

All the people

Having a blast

I'm just glad I have my family

All at last

Lost in the Snow By Iain Knight

I am a wanderer through a winter storm

In this storm its easy to lose sight of distant thing

And I forget the times where I was warm

But the times of cold will forever more be lingering

The brief glimpse of light is gone in an instant

I wander through with only my dwindling hope

And even though sometimes the warmth is distant

To find it I will trudge through every slope

This storm of mine never seems to ease

But Sometimes I remember Warmth

I think I can hear laughter in the breeze

I can't let the storm numb me so I set forth

So I will go through this endless storm

Because somehow I know there's something for me

A time and place where its always warm

Now I am just left to wonder when that will be.

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The Deeper Meaning By Caroline Mahan

Crystal clear blue skies,

Soft, cotton white clouds,

Sharp, cold air flies,

Animals distant and no longer loud,

Shallow water transparent and blue,

Fading into the darkness beneath,

Small ripples passing through,

On the surface, a meager white ice cap,

Outsiders oblivious to the underwater view,

There is always more than what's seen,

Deeper, more complex reading of everything in life,

Ignorance showing a false scene,

Making assumptions before knowing the whole truth,

The visible part of a person's life,

Only a fraction of what is beneath,

The only way to see the beauty in its entirety,

Continue to go as deep as you can.

Feeling the love....Not By Diontae Washington

Blue skies are fading to red

In the moment there isn't much to be said

Gentle waters all around

You can barley hear a sound

The sun setting is beautiful

But it's just you that my mind is on

Our love is like a sun set

Pretty in the beginning, but then shortly fades to black

Don’t be hard on yourself we could both feel the slack

I fell in love

And now I feel nothing at all

The sun is almost set like my decision

I'm sorry but I must do a revision

Falling out of love is hard

It's a losing game

One I wished I nerved played

Earth's Palette By Dora Swoveland

A highlight breaks the placid skies

Grasses sway in the gentle blow of wind

The dashes of color like different dyes

Hills roll lightly, the Earth's bend

Like the curve of an angel's wing

The heavy scent of a passing storm saturates the air

Blending smoothly with the floral aroma of spring

Light coming in as if to tear

The dark clouds from the verdant plain

Present, like the foreground, shows each pebble, blade, and bloom

Moving on allows what was once a blur to clear

The future will exhume

Life's true design, once distant is now near

Though fear and pain will make you cling

Take a step to leave the storm

See what your life will bring

Ahead in perfect form

Your picture is complete just waiting a frame.

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Mix of Both Worlds By Xavier Douglas

I see two beautiful aspects of the world

Some might see anger and some might see defiance

I see possibility folded together ready to be uncurled

This isn't that, this is the gracefulness of science

Sounds of war travel through the hills and valleys

My people stand here preparing for what's to come

They have no fear, preparing to rally

They will encounter war but they will see no crumb

Once nature clashes,

There will be nothing but ashes

But what are those ashes?

They are a starting point for a new surface

This will happen in the life of all humanity

The bad will come,

But the good will eventually come in to play

And on that day we will learn the beauty of nature

Learn to love a mix of both worlds

The Beginning of the End By Evan Angstrom

The Mountains gleam with red light

The snow layers the mountain with powder

This sight beholds much power

The sun is setting it's time for night

When I witness this sight, I feel so intrinsic

Even though these mountains are so simplistic

The clouds hug the mountains with utmost respect

For the animals below the mountains protect

No matter who you are there is always an end

For the sun must go down, it has to descend

As I look through my eyes, The word sadness becomes nominal

For this sight is more than phenomenal

Darkness can sometimes be over whelming

But somewhere the dark is no longer dwelling

The sun is setting, it's time for night

No matter where you are, there will always be light

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