School Lunches

Are school lunches really as healthy as they should be?


My argument is that we should change school lunches. The school tells us to eat healthy,then they feed us stuff that doesn't look healthy and makes us want different and better food. The school lunches are causing most of the students to go home and eat eat eat. Kids like healthy things as long as they also taste good.

Having wheat everything just makes us tired of wheat. Wheat gets disgusting specially on wheat tortillas. Chicken isn't supposed to be pink (at least i don't think so). The food served at school is making us not want to eat. Having the same lunches over and over are making us not like them even more. After eating stuff too much you get tired and want something different and better. The problem is that the school doesn't ever seem to get something better. Chicken is good, just not every single day. You need to have a diet that changes everyday. If you're not getting in the right servings every day are you still eating healthy?

Research Topic 1

Are schools actually meeting the correct amount of nutrients for kids in the school? Kids our age need a lot more nutrients then people older than us. Every day we need the same amount of nutrients.The schools are definitely meeting the amount of wheat needed, but are they meeting the protein,vegetables,fruits,and dairy? some days we don't even have fruit,so that's definitely not meeting standards. The amount of protein is very low sometimes,like in our chicken fajitas we only get 1 spoon full of chicken. For some kids the school lunches are the best meal of their day, this makes it even more important for it to be nutritionally balanced.

Research Topic 2

Food that needs to be cooked should be cooked thoroughly not burnt, but not pink in the center. I had a chicken patty and the outside was really pale and I tore off a piece and in the middle was pink. I don't mean the sandwich was a little pink it was bright pink. Another time one of my friends was eating her walking taco and the meat was completely burnt. When it looks like that you wonder if it's really even meat! To bring out the best flavor in food proper cooking is very important.

Research Topic 3

Frequently the food served by the school is all the same color which can make it unappealing. The presentation of food is also important. When you serve foods of different colors it makes them more appetizing and people feel that they want to eat those foods. School lunches should be healthy but also filling. An informal poll of the students in our school finds that many of them eat a lot of junk food when they get home from school because they are so hungry. Whatever they had for lunch didn't fill them up or stay with them very long.



  • School Lunch Menu


  • Pros:
  • More kids would eat school lunches
  • Healthier students
  • Less after school snacking

  • Cons:
  • Higher food costs for the school
  • Possible increased need for more staff/ equipment for food preparation

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