This Week at AES

5/2 - 5/6

This Week at a Glance


Running club


Christ Club

SBDM Elections

Staff Meeting: No Planned Meeting


You Guys are Awesome Jean Day

Running Club


$2 Jean Day

3rd Grade Book Walk

PTO Catered Lunch


Staff Donut Day

Kindergarten Muffins with Mom

Please wear your 2015 AES Shirt

KPREP PEP Rally 1:00

Notes for the Week

This Week is a Primary Guidance Week

Several Teams have turned in the items below. If you have not, please turn them in as soon as possible.

· Examine current Essential Standards: Add standards that you believe are Essential to your grade level and Remove standards that your grade level do not believe are essential.

· Examine ELA and Math Standards and determine which non-essential standards are Secondary and Tertiary. Achieve the Core’s Major Works of the Grade should be used for Mathematics.

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Mr. Holland's Opus [Final Scene]

The Gift

During teacher appreciate week, I felt like it was appropriate to share the above quote and movie clip. Working in a school is by no means glamorous and is definitely not a route to getting rich. It is however, the most rewarding position you will ever have. Every person in our building has the distinct gift of working with students and the opportunity to impact their lives.

This week I have spent several hours reviewing applications, resumes and talking to potential candidates for open positions at our school and district. There are hundreds of people who would love to the gift that you receive each day. We are so fortunate to have that opportunity and our kids are so blessed that you take that gift and cherish it.

Thank you for loving our kids.