The Promise of Monday

February 6, 2023


This promise fulfilled means every person in Mesquite ISD understands their unique value and is mindful of how their thoughts and actions impact others.

Traits of Dignity include: self-confident, humble, wise and considerate

All Humans Have Equal Worth and Value

Everyone has the same amount of dignity from birth. It cannot be earned or lost. Dignity is a given. It is an absolute. It is a non-negotiable right. For everyone.

It's easy to say that everyone has essential value, but harder to learn how to honor dignity in challenging situations and everyday interactions. While we are each born with dignity, we are not born knowing how to act in ways that honor everyone’s dignity, including our own.

What is Dignity? | Rosalind Wiseman from Cultures of Dignity & Cognitive Media

Guiding Dignity Questions:

Does this honor the equal value and worth of everyone?

  • Am I appreciating my own value?

  • Have I considered how others might feel?

  • Am I showing kindness and patience to myself and others?

Dive Deeper Into Dignity:

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Big picture

Mesquite ISD Leadership and Empowerment

The Mesquite Promise outlines four principles and 16 habits for adults and young people to embody themselves and encourage in others. The promise is not one more "new program" or expensive curriculum. The Promise exists in each of us through teachable moments and everyday interactions.