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AUGUST 25, 2020

Morning Drop-Off

Mrs. House, Mrs. Coppola, and several members of the faculty and staff help every morning to get students checked and screened before they enter the school building. Non-contact infrared thermometers are used to check temperatures and hand sanitizing stations are at each entrance for students as they enter the building.
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New Classroom Spaces

In order for students to stay socially distanced throughout the day many classrooms have moved to different locations within the school. Two 8th grade classes have new homes, one in the safe room and one in the cafeteria, two 6th grade classes are now in the 8th grade classrooms, one 6th grade class is in the music room, and a fourth 3rd grade class meets in the Spanish room.
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Specialty Classes

Students are continuing to receive their specialty classes this year! Many of the specialty teachers are traveling to classrooms with their supplies and materials, Mrs. Hoffmann brings the art supplies with her everywhere she goes with her "Art on the Cart". Students also look forward to Spanish, music, computer, and P.E.!
Soccer Tabata PE


To make sure students stay with their class at recess the playground has been divided into zones. Classes rotate zones so that students can play in each area every week. Each class also has its own color coded ball bag. This insures that students are only touching the balls that belong to their class. Students are also exiting to recess and entering the building through two different areas and sanitizing each time they come inside.

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Students are still able to choose from their favorite lunches each day but this year instead of eating in the cafeteria students are eating in their classrooms. The cafeteria staff boxes up each lunch and delivers them to the classrooms throughout the day. Each classroom even has its own condiment caddy with everything students might need to enjoy their lunch!
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Bear Tracks

"Bear Tracks" can be seen all around the school building. Students are doing a great job staying on the tracks and continuing to stay distanced while walking in the hallways.
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Plexiglas Partitions

When desks are unable to be distanced, like in Pre-K and Kindergarten, Plexiglas partitions have been added. These partitions help keep our younger students safe when working at the same table.

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Outdoor Classrooms

Students and teachers have enjoyed the outdoor classroom areas around the school. Students bring beach towels and space themselves six feet apart from each other in order to enjoy a mask break during the outdoor lesson. We are blessed to have generous parents who have lent their tents to shade many of the areas.
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All School Mass

This year All School Mass will rotate weekly so that each grade (1st-8th) is able to celebrate mass in-person. One grade level celebrates mass in-person at a time while the other grades celebrate by watching the live stream video. Even the students who celebrate in the classroom are able to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Virtual All School Mass

Inspirational Chalk Messages

During Teacher Work Week, faculty and staff were surprised with a sidewalk full of inspirational chalk messages from our students and families.
Sweet Chalk Messages

Meet our New Students!

We welcomed 76 new Bears to Christ the King School last week! Watch the video below to see some of our new students and where they came from.

Welcome New CTK Students!

THV Channel 11 News Visits CTK

Mercedes Mackay from THV 11 produced a great story on all the safety measures Christ the King School has put in place to keep our students and teachers safe at school!

Virtual Bears

What does it look like to be a virtual student at Christ the King School? Take a peek into our Virtual Bears' at-home workspaces!
Virtual Bears

Meet Our New Teachers

This year we welcomed five new teachers to Christ the King School! Meet Mrs. Wendel, Mrs. Greenway, and Mrs. Coffey-Slattery. We'll introduce you to Mr. Drakes and Mr. Hawkins in our next issue of The Bear Bulletin.
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Check out the new CTK Athletics website for the latest updates on games and schedules. (Click the bear paw below to get to the link.)



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