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February 19, 2016

Preparing Students to Present is Easy with POWERRful Presentations

Leveraging Your Leadership with POWERRful Presentations Booklet and Teacher’s Kit is ideal for use by teachers or by students. The POWERR formula includes six simple steps to give speeches and workshops impact. The formula can be used to bring greetings to audiences, deliver a genuine thank-you, create elevator speeches and keynote presentations. It also provides the tools to develop the perfect workshop. If your students will be presenting in front of judges during your state leadership and skills conference, then this is the perfect prep tool for competition. To learn more and to order this product, go to:

Recruiting for Your Program and SkillsUSA = A Winning Combination

Most schools are in full swing of registering students for next school year. How can you ensure students take notice of your CTE program and make the decision to sign up for your course? If you are planning spring recruitment for your CTE program, then consider including SkillsUSA.

There are three essential questions that must be answered for successful recruitment: You know the value of SkillsUSA and all it does for students, but how do you communicate the relevance and successes of your SkillsUSA chapter and students? How do you create a demand for your program?

When school systems are cutting budgets, keeping your technical program and SkillsUSA chapter front and center is imperative. Successful marketing can be the difference that not only potentially saves your program, but also helps it thrive and grow.

Students, parents, administrators and industry professionals have choices regarding where to invest their time and resources. Expose them to the program in a way that fosters an understanding of its value and helps students reach their potential.

How do you reach target audiences, and how do you make your program stand out? There are four primary factors that will help you:

  1. Recognize that reputation and marketing go hand-in-hand. The stronger your program, the more marketing opportunities you will have. Build demand for your program.
  2. View your SkillsUSA and technical programs as interchangeable. Involvement in SkillsUSA is the leadership extension of the skills curriculum you’re teaching. By promoting membership in SkillsUSA, you will further advance your marketing objectives.
  3. Approach your program like a business. Determine what makes it unique; put your students out in front; and whenever you have the chance to tell someone about your program, do it. Constantly build relationships. Just as relationships make or break a business, they can make or break your marketing efforts.
  4. Marketing is an ongoing activity with ongoing opportunities. Also, understand that marketing is a need, not a want. If you want your program to grow and your students to succeed, it’s an absolute necessity. “Marketing = Influence.”

To learn more about marketing your program, visit:

Are Your Students Looking for Scholarships? We’ve Got You Covered!

SkillsUSA membership has its advantages, and there are numerous opportunities for members to apply for scholarships:

Alumni Membership Incentive

SkillsUSA’s Alumni Executive Board is offering an incentive for local advisors who sign up alumni from their chapters. For every five members an advisor registers with the SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends Association, he or she will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Lowe’s gift card.

To be officially entered into the drawing, the advisor must have students register online at: (Paper forms will not be accepted.) The advisor must then send an email to Byekwaso Gilbert at The email must contain all of the following:

  • the advisor’s name, school, address, phone number and email (make sure what you provide will be accessible to you after June 1)
  • a list (for verification) of the students (first and last names) who registered as alumni

Remember that graduating seniors qualify to register during their senior year. Former SkillsUSA students are also eligible, provided they are not members already. These students must register through their former advisor to be counted as part of that advisor’s entry. Students may only register once. Deadline for entry into the drawing is June 1.

Safety Video Contest Submissions Due March 1

CareerSafe is again sponsoring the National Youth Safety Video Contest. Students across the nation are challenged to create a two-minute video demonstrating safety in the workplace. All submissions should be sent to CareerSafe by March 1. The winning students will receive a “SkillsUSA Prize Pack” as well as a scholarship up to $2,500, and the winning school will receive a prize up to $5,000. For more information on the contest, go to:

Mentoring: Student2Student

Advisors: Help your students expand their world by expanding someone else’s! Help your students become mentors.

SkillsUSA sponsors a national recognition program based on the Student2Student mentoring program. Any chapter involved in mentoring can submit its project plan, description and outcomes. The winning chapter will be given a cash prize, recognized at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference and in the SkillsUSA Awards and Recognition book. In addition, the overall winning chapter will be invited to present its winning mentoring program as a part of SkillsUSA University. For more information, go to:

All entries must be submitted online to the national headquarters by April 1. Winners will be announced in May. You can also use this link to download the Mentoring Guide: If you have any questions, please email them to Byekwaso Gilbert ( or call 816-726-4255.