All about a baker!!

Job Description

A baker is someone who bakes and uses food such as breads and cakes.


Your education level differs for the level of experience and level of the job. Most people study nutrition, staff food handling, adn basic baking.

Sample Cakes

Recive Education/or training

You can get a college degree in culinary arts at any college that offers that course. You can take baking classes at your local bakery. Or you can learn simple skills in your own home .

Average Yearly Summary

$22,600 per year

3 Places To Find Employment

American Bakers Association1300 I Street NW, Suite 700 WestWashington, DC 20005http://www.americanbakers.orgRetail Bakers of America202 Village Circle, Suite 1Slidell, LA 70458http://www.retailbakersofamerica.orgAmerican Society of BakingP.O. Box 336Swedesboro, NJ 08085