Mrs. Toomey's 7th Grade ELA

First Quarter Newsletter

English/Language Arts

What we're doing now...

Reading- We recently finished the Short Story Unit from our literature textbook. Students practiced how to identify character, setting, conflict, point of view, theme, and elements of a plot within a short story. We are now working on the Classic Short Story unit, in which students read various short stories and poems by classic authors. These challenging stories build students' reading comprehension and promote higher level thinking skills. During this unit, we will also be completing an author study of Edgar Allan Poe.

Writing- During the Classic Short Story unit, we focus heavily on argumentative writing. Students first learn how to identify the best evidence within a story or text, and then learn how to use that evidence to develop a strong claim. We then work to put the pieces together to develop an eloquent and cohesive argument. Throughout the remainder of the quarter, writing will focus on choosing a claim and finding evidence from the text to support that claim.

Vocabulary- Vocabulary words come from the short stories and classic stories that we are reading in class. All of these words will be included on the unit test. In addition, students will complete weekly vocabulary activities from their Word Wisdom vocabulary workbook. Word Wisdom is due on Thursdays with quizzes on Fridays.

Grammar- Grammar mini-lessons will be taught during language arts. Grammar for this quarter will focus on sentence parts and punctuation, and students will need to apply these lessons both in their writing and on the unit test. In addition, we will be studying the parts of speech.

What's coming up next...

  • First Quarter Book Report Due- October 25
  • Elements of Fiction Test- October 27

7th Grade Announcements

Upcoming events...

Chamber Theatre Field Trip- Thursday, November 3. We will be seeing the classic short stories that we read in class performed on stage! Students are encouraged to dress nicely and must bring a sack lunch. Permission slips should be completed online with RevTrak through the DW office.