Lolo Jones

By Giselle San Elias

Lolo Jones Introduction

Lolo Jones birth place was in Iowa and her hometown is Des Moines. Her birthday is August 5, 1982. She is 33 years old right now. I chose Lolo Jones because she sounded really interesting to me and I wanted to learn more about her.

Why She Is Considered A Famous Person

She has a record holder of Indoor 60m and it is 7.72 that she ran. The year 2004, she won the 100 meter hurdlers title at the SEC Championship, the Penn Relays, and NCAA Midwest Region Championship. Lolo Jones is 1 of 10 Americans athletes to compete in the Winter and Summer Olympic games.


When Lolo Jones was in high school, she told her mom she couldn't move to a city that has no track because she was trying to persuade her dream. Her teachers at Theodore Roosevelt high school helped her pick the right classes for college and they made a community to help her. The Salvation Army when she was in middle school, helped her family by giving them a place to stay in the basement of the church. Lolo Jones would always wake up early and make it look like someone dropped her off there so that the other kids wouldn't make fun of her. In the year 2004, Lolo jones wanted to retire from track after she didn't qualify for the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece but Shaver told her that he would see her tomorrow morning for practice.

Learner Proflies

The first learner profile I would say she is, is a risk-taker because when she runs she knows that she can accidently hurt herself badly. The other learner profile is caring because she donated shoes to a school because she knew how it was like growing up without being able to afford shoes.

Lessons Learn From Her

1) Help others when they need help.

2) There is going to be hard stuff in your life so you just need to overcome it and become a stronger person than you were before.

Impact on lives

Jones announced that she is teaming up with Procter and Gamble so they can donate 25,000 dollars to P and G Team USA Youth Sports Fund. Lolo Jones gave shoes to Findley Elementary School.

Three Facts about her.

1) Her dad was in the air force and mostly spend his time in prison.

2) In 6th grade she became a "professional frozen dinner thief" so her family and her could eat something.

3) Her zodiac sign is a Leo.

Lolo Jones 2016

Lolo Jones is now doing bobsledding this year and is trying to get into the Olympics. She is also doing the hurdlers in the Summer. She was going to do a race at Drake but can't now because of an injury she got.

Questions About Lolo Jones

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