Elementary 1:1 Training

September 16, 2015

First Half of the Day

  • Someday and Monday
  • Worksheets vs. iPads
  • Comfortably 2.0
  • Canvas
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What would you learn if you had the time?

We are trying something new this year and hope you'll appreciate the opportunity to "Design your Own" professional development session.

YES! This literally means YOU decide what you want to learn about during the second half of the day!

So... give me some ideas about how I could spend my time!

You can work alone, in your team or even across buildings. All that matters is that you are working together to learn about the same thing!

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Have you ever gone to a conference or training and received lots of resources, materials, and websites but have never had the time to delve into them? If so, here's your chance!
  • Heard about a great TedEd Video but have never had time to watch it and develop it into a lesson! Make it happen!
  • Would your team like some time to make a screencast or Zaption video to use in a certain content area? Now you've got it!
  • Are you ready to go to the next level in Canvas? Maybe you haven't used rubrics before because you didn't have time. Well, now you do!

As you can see the possibilities are endless!

So put your thinking cap on, talk to your colleagues and come up with a plan to get your learn on! See below on submitting your learning plan by September 11th!

**Always read the small print!**

The only stipulation for how you spend your time is that your activities need to be connected to one of the three areas below

When you know, click the link below!

When you have decided what you want to learn about, please complete the Google Form below. DUE DATE is September 11th!

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