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March 21, 2016

Dear Parents,

We had a great time learning about agriculture during our Ag Day field trip. Thank you to chaperones Krista Hickman, BJ Scott, Janelle Heald, Judy Yocum, Lindsi Davis, Katie Volk, Jillian Howell, Kevin Popp, and Bianca Kohlmeier for spending the day with us!

Please see below for important dates to add to your calendar.

As always,

Kelly Burton

Important Dates

Text @7b47d4 to 81010 to receive these reminders via text at 3:30pm the day prior.

Monday 03/21
  • Special: PE + Library
  • Logophiles 3 New Sort
  • Weekly Reading Log sent home
Tuesday 03/22
  • Special: Art
  • Logophiles 1 Progress Check
Wednesday 03/23
  • Special: Music
  • Logophiles 1 New Sort
  • Spring Pictures (optional)
Thursday 03/24
  • Special: Technology
  • Logophiles 2 Progress Check
Friday 03/25
  • Special: PE
  • Weekly Reading Log due
  • Logophiles 2 New Sort
Monday 03/28 through Friday 04/08
  • Spring Break (No School)

Essential Questions

Word Study
  • How can knowing the 6 syllable patterns help me grow as a reader and writer?

Reading - Unit 5 - Characters Go On Journeys: The Sequel

  • What ways are story elements the same and different in series?
  • How do I keep track of thoughts and ideas during reading?
  • What are my responsibilities to the book club?
  • How can my book club members deepen my understanding?
  • How can I learn more about a topic I discover while reading?
Science - Force and Motion and Life Cycles
  • What effect do forces have on the motion or position of an object?
  • How do plants and animals change during a life cycle?
  • How are plants and animals dependent upon each other?
  • How do features of animals and plants relate to their life cycle?
  • How do plants and animals adapt?
Math - Unit 9 - Measurement
  • Why do we measure?
  • Why do we have different units of measure?
Writing Workshop - Unit 5 - Writers Tell Stories
  • How do writers create interesting characters?
  • How do writers help the reader to visualize?
  • How do writers build suspense?
  • How do writers develop the story in a logical order?
  • How does a writer establish their style of writing?
  • How does a writer write a good ending that leaves an impression on the reader?
  • How do writers support their writing with illustrations?
  • How do we use writer’s craft to make our story powerful?

Parent & Student Resources

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