Negotiating Real Estate Agreements

An AREC Professional Development Workshop

Cornell Associate Real Estate Council

Hidden within the pages of real estate agreements is an entire universe of interests, rights and obligations, often with multi-million dollar consequences. Join us for this special AREC Professional Development Workshop where we will learn how to effectively structure commercial real estate deals and negotiate Joint Venture Agreements, Purchase & Sale Agreements, Commercial Lease Agreements and Management Agreements, all from the perspective of a businessperson. You'll learn about what motivates the various parties in these transactions and how you can distinguish yourself as a deal structurer and negotiator, even right out of Cornell.

Deal Structuring & Negotiating Real Estate Agreements

Wednesday, Oct 10th, 5pm

Room 198 Statler

Visit the AREC Toolkit

Sample real estate agreements, including Offers to Purchase, Joint Venture Agreements, Offers to Lease, Management Agreements and other resources are now posted in the AREC Toolkit at:

*please note that these resources are for illustrative purposes for the workshop setting only, and should not be used or relied upon as legal agreements by any persons/parties