Herbert Spencer

By Will Diaz


Herbert Spencer was born April 27, 1820 and died December 8, 1903. Spencer studied mainly sociology, psychology, anthropology and evolution. He is very distinguishable because he adapted evolution into sociology and proved those two fields work hand in hand. He was made known very radical through his strong political views. His views and studies have influenced many people to lift themselves out of poverty and gain economically.

Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism or, "Survival of the Fittest" is a prominent study that Spencer influenced his work on. Social Darwinism is when in a society, the strongest thrive and the weaker die or are limited. This radical idea offends some people becuase there are examples of this in real life. However, many people to an extent belive social Darwinism brings people to strive harder and work harder to lift themselves out of poverty. Economists argue if one is not going to work or strive hard like the rest, whats the point to help them? This is a long economical debate that ties in with Darwinism. Despite the controversy, Spencer tied the evolution of man to sociology to make an important connection in the history of sociology.