Rain Forest Biome

Nadia Smith

Animal Life

The largest single group of animals is insects which are,brightly colored butterflies,mosquitoes,camouflaged stick insects,and huge colonies of Ants.There are also many other species that live in the Rain Forest.

Plant Life

The most common plant is an epiphyte,they live on the surface floor,trunks and branches.They mostly grow on trees so that they can get all of the sunlight.There are many types of epiphyte such as,mosses,ferns,orchids,and bromeliads.Mostly all of the trees have thinner trunks because of how wet the rain forest is.

Rain Forest Plants


The climate in the Tropical Rainforest doesn't change that much in temperature during night and day.The temperature mainly stays around 70 to 80 degrees fahrenheit.The yearly rainfall is 400-200 inches.Temperate Rainforests aren't as wet as tropical ones.They have two distinct seasons,in summer it's short and dry and then one long wet winter.

The Major Environmental Threat

The major threat is the cutting down on trees because it creates the extinction of some plants and animals.It causes the soil to go bad due to the burning of trees,the ash takes away the nutrients reservoir.It also creates the native people to go in to conflict because of the loss of some items.

Rain Forest Map

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