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Description of Activity:

Today i will be demonstrating the task of doing an oil change for a car. It's a simple process that requires few tools and some knowledge. It is important that every step is followed as if we forget a certain step we could possible make an oil leak in which the customer will see that their car is leaking oil which is bad for the engine if not dealt with before all the oil leaks out. In addition, we have to do our oil changes relatively quickly or else we will be backed up with too many cars and customers will be upset that it is taking too long.


I have chosen this task because it is vital to do frequent oil changes on your car as they are supposedly the most important thing you can do to maintain and prolong the life of your engine. Fresh, clean oil lubricates the engine's internal components, it keeps them cool by lowering the friction and carrying heat away. It also keeps any grit or tiny particles from scratching tightly fitted parts. Replacing old oil with new oil can reduce repairs and improve performance and makes you car drive smooth when you're engine is not properly lubricated.

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Details of the Activity:

  1. Drive the car into the shop
  2. Next we pop the hood from within the car
  3. Open hood
  4. Now locate the oil filter which could be on the top or bottom
  5. Loosen oil filter
  6. Now go underneath the car and find the drain plug
  7. Drain all the oil out of the car
  8. After the has drained all the oil re plug the oil filter
  9. Go back to the top and tighten the oil filter
  10. Next step is to take off the oil cap and add new oil to the car
  11. Look in the owners manual or search online how many liters the car takes
  12. Add new oil and put cap back on
  13. Go find the engines dipstick and double check if you have enough oil or not enough
  14. Start the car and check the dipstick one more time
  15. Close hood and park the car outside

Required Materials:

Tools Required:

  • Oil filter wrench or strap
  • Oil drain pan
  • Wrench to remove drain plug
  • Metric socket set and ratchet
  • Flatblade screwdriver

Materials Required:

  • Paper towel or a wrag
  • Oil filter kit

  • Motor oil

  • Funnel

  • Gloves

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher:

Please wear safety boots,googles and gloves.

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