Were to go if zombies attack

witch region is the best one to go

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Coastal plains

the coastal plain stretches along the Atlantic ocean it also borders the Gulf of mexico.The coastal plains are wide lowlands and they also have Excellent harbors and sandy beaches.i would give this region a rating of 3

i gave this he rating of 3 because the coastal plains have no were to hide. the zombies could get you easily .

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Appalachian highlands

the Appalachian highlands extend from eastern Canada to western Alabama .it also includes the Piedmont region .they are also the oldest mountains in the north. they are also old eroded mountains.i give it a rating of 2

i gave this a rating of 2 because its a bad place to be in an zombie Apocalypse in my opinion . i think its bad because you have to climb up and down every time you need to get resource . for me the would be annoying and for some people to.

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Canadian shield

the Canadian shield surrounds the Hudson bay and also the great lakes. it has hills that have been worn by erosion .hundreds of lakes and melted glaciers . Also has some of the oldest rock formations in north america. i would give this a rating of 5

i gave this a rating of 5 because its the place i would go if there was a zombie apocalypses.i would go there because there is a lot of water and water is the most important thing we need to survive.

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Interior lowlands

the Interior lowlands have good fertile soil .its also a good area for farming.it also have many rivers rally's and rolling hills .i would give this a rating of 2

i gave a a 2 because its not a good lace to go .IT might have good soil but its just not the type of place i would go .mostly because its flat i want a place were i could hide .

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Great plains

the great plaines are flat lands. they are known for dry grass lands.Its also a common area for tornados.I would give this a rating of 2

i ngave this a rating of 2 because the great plains have gry grasslands and almost no water .i would not want to be here because it a rought place to live

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Rocky mountains

The rocky mountains stretch from Alaska to new mexico .they are younger and taller that the Appalachian mountains .They are also rugged and pointy. They also contain the Continental divide.I would give this a rating of 1

i gave it the rating of 5 because it going be hard to to be climbing up and down every time you need food and water .

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Basin and Range

the Basin and Range is an isolated mountain rage of different heights. Basin and range also contain canyons.They also contain the lowest point in north america. i would give this a rating of 3

i gave it a 3 because its a good place to be but not the best .Its good because u can build a house behind a mountain and also because its isolated and almost no zombies would be there . its bad because there is no food or water.You would also get bored easily.

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Coastal Range

The Coastal Range is located along the pacific ocean .it stretches from Canada to Mexico . The Coastal Range is made up of rugged mountains,fertile valleys ,and rocky beaches. Mountains Sierra Nevada and the Cascades are here in the Coastal Range. i would give it a rating of 2

i gave it a 2 because its not a good place to be. the bad things that could happen have to do with the ocean . You cant drink the water because its salt water you would die. If the zombies attack you you have no were to go if you go in the ocean you would most likely drown.

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