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Jody Hester

All About Me

I play baseball for the school and I play summer league baseball. I want to play baseball for the Arkansas Razorbacks or the Arkansas State red wolves. When I get out of college I plan to get a job that pays well money. Also get a big house but not to big of a house. Then get a four door ford truck and some other vehicles. I also like other sports but I like baseball out of all sports. My favorite baseball team is the St. Louis Cardinals even if they are in last place or don't win the world series. I like other teams besides the cardinals but the cardinals are my overall favorite team. I also like to drive four wheelers around.


yes I agree with results. I am a positive thinker. My results mean that I am a good person. I could maintain this by Ding things better. I think a positive self esteem is a good thing. I think that negative self esteem is a bad thing.
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Yes i agree with my results. I think that I had a good score. My score was a 43 out of 50. So I think that I have a good attitude. I would rather have a high attitude. I would rather not have a low score. I think a low score would be a 25 out of 50.
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career aptitude

Yes I agree with my results. I was not interested in any of my career choices. After college I wanted to work on power lines. I want to work on power lines because some times you can make good money. I want to be a line men Because Line men some times make more money that other power line jobs. I also think I would enjoy this job.
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learning style

Yes I agree with my results


I agree with my results because this is my personality

Right/left brain

I agree with my results

personality Color

I really agree because my favorite color is blue.