Mrs. Collins's 2nd Grade

Week of May 15-19

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, May 23: First & Second Grade Spring Performance
  • Friday, May 26: School Closed for Professional Development Day
  • Monday, May 29: School Closed for Memorial Day

  • Monday, June 5: Field Day

Highlights from the Week

Hello Families,

IMPORTANT NEWS about our upcoming Ugly Duckling performance: Please plan to pick up your children Tuesday by 4 p.m. Feed them dinner and return to school dressed for the show at 5:15. Please use the script and practice lyrics and any lines to be memorized over the weekend.

<-- This is the Painted Lady, the kind of butterfly we raised.

Releasing the Butterflies

On Monday we let our Painted Lady butterflies fly away. Your children were SO excited. Each butterfly came out on its own...and then was chased by 13 children!
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This week we learned how butterflies pollinate flowers. Everyone got to BE a butterfly and use their own mouth as a butterfly's proboscis. They had fuzzy "legs" that picked up "pollen" --cheetos dust, that they transferred to another flower.
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Tadpoles to Froglets!

It has been amazing to see the changes in these creatures! From last Thursday to this Monday the tadpoles all but completely absorbed their tails. They are froglets now and eating "Stage 2" food. Their feet are webbed and they seem to enjoy swimming around together. FIRST picture is from last week. The 2nd and 3rd pictures are from Friday (today). Amazing changes!
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Practice, Practice, Practice

We practiced hard all week for the upcoming musical. PLEASE work with your kids this weekend. They MUST know the lyrics to their songs!
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Everyone looked so nice wearing their formal uniforms!

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