Patrick Marsh Middle School Band

January 10-14, 2022

Epoch Sound Pep Band Night Is Thursday!

Epoch Sound night is finally here! If your child is participating in this optional event please see details below.

Jan 13 - Epoch Sound Night Schedule

2:50 pm – Rehearsal and Activities at PMMS

4:30 PM – Pizza in the Cafeteria (Bring a waterbottle)

5:05 PM – Load Bus going to the HS (one way…must find a ride home after the performance).

5:45 PM - MS musicians meet in the band room of the High School to rehearse with Epoch Sound.

6:45 PM – Pregame music will begin.

7:20 PM – Approximate End Time - MS students will be dismissed after the performance.

*Students can stay for the remainder of the game; however they will not be supervised by Mr. Gleason or Mrs. Haraldson and must purchase a ticket from SPHS Athletics. (SPHS Policy)

**Please note-transportation home from SPHS is the student's responsibility and the HS athletic department has requested that anyone wishing to stay for the game purchase a ticket at the door after we play. Students will need to take their instruments home from the HS as well as return them by Monday for rehearsal. (We will take the bass drums with us however).

Introducing....."The Horn"

The "Horn" or as some call it "The French Horn" is an important brass instrument in the band. Its' conical shape creates a warm, mellow tone that is often featured in movie music. The Horn has unique characteristics that place its notes "closer together" than other instruments. As such, we have learned that starting Horn players after they have had a chance to get used to the mechanics of playing an instrument is advantageous.

Prior to Winter Break we demonstrated the Horn for the 6th grade band students and played a few recordings. This week during band interested students can try the instrument to see if it is something they might like to consider switching to.

The Horn is an expensive instrument consequently we will supply your child with an instrument to keep at home and one at school. No supplies need to be purchased the first year other than two lessons books (approx. $14 total). If your child is selected for the horn a $25 rental fee will be applied to their Infinite Campus account. We do not want finances to be a barrier, however, so please contact us if that is a concern.

Before making any changes to a new instrument we will be in touch with you. Our goal is to conclude this process within the next two weeks. Please reach out with any questions.

New Lesson Schedule Starts on Monday!

6th and 7th schedules are changing for second semester and this will impact the band lesson schedule slightly. 6th graders who had or will have General Music will see that their lesson time most likely changed. Those 7th graders who had or will have Health or Resource will most likely keep the same lesson time but come from this new class this semester.

To add to the fun, Friday lessons this week should come Wednesday since we do not have school Friday. What could go wrong with this plan?? (ha ha). The new lesson schedule is linked below.

Save The Date: Middle School Jazz Fest!

This year, jazz band will participate in the Middle School Jazz Fest at Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School on Friday, February 18. Students will be participating in clinics and the event will end with a concert featuring the jazz ensembles from Prairie View, Patrick Marsh, and Cardinal Heights. The exact itinerary will be coming very soon.

Huntertones Are Coming!

On Monday, March 14 at 7:00 PM, the Sun Prairie Performing Arts Center will host an evening performance by the New York-based, Ohio State University-formed music group called the Huntertones. The ensemble's seven members have established a global reputation as a high-energy, innovative presence in music during the band's first decade together.

​​Huntertones brings people together around the globe with fun, imaginative and fearless music. Their thrilling, horn-driven sound features genre-bending composition and unconventional covers. Every show is a social experience celebrating the joy of music.

The Huntertones 2017 Michael Jackson mash-up tribute video went viral, hitting more than 550k views on Facebook. The group's successful 2018 Passport album was built around the band members' world travel as Music Ambassadors to Africa, Eastern Europe, and Latin America through the U.S. State Department Music Abroad Program. The celebratory anthem "Togo" from the album encapsulates the pure joy of the arts in Togo, Africa, and the composition has become a centerpiece of Huntertones' live concert repertoire.

Jon Batiste from the Late Show With Stephen Colbert says of the group, "Honest, genuine, skillfully executed music without limitations that is uplifting and cannot be quantified."

Renown Jazz guitarist Lionel Loueke states, "Soulful, tasty and groovy. I dare you not to dance or be in a good mood during and after listening to this beautiful music".

The Sound of Sun Prairie Marching Band will celebrate its 50th anniversary this season. Proceeds from this concert will support the group's performance in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in July. The Huntertones, March 14 performance and clinics with Sun Prairie middle school students, are made possible by the generous support of the Sun Prairie Education Foundation.

Reserve your seats today through our online ticketing system. All seats are $10 and can be purchased here: Huntertones Concert

Learn more about the Huntertones by visiting their website at or on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @huntertonesband

Huntertones - Michael Jackson Mashup

Sun Prairie Booster Beat

Here is the most recent Sun Prairie Band Booster Newsletter! Many opportunities to get involved with!!

This Week In Band

Monday, Jan 10 (B Day) -

Tuesday, Jan 11 (A Day) - 7th Jazz

Wednesday, Jan 12 (B Day)

Thursday, Jan 13 (A Day) - 7th Jazz, Epoch Sound Pep Band Event

Friday, Jan 14 - No School (Friday Lessons come Wed)

Upcoming Dates

Thur, Jan 13 - EPOCH Sound Pep Band Night - (3-8 PM) - PMMS/SPHS

Mon, Jan 24 - 6th Solo Night - (4:30-7 PM) - PMMS

Tue, Jan 25 - 7th Solo Night - (4:30-7 PM) - PMMS

Sat, Feb 12 - WSMA District Solo/Ensemble (8 am - 4 PM) - PMMS

Tue, Feb 15 - WSMA District Piano Solo Night (4-8 PM) - HS PAC

Fri, Feb 18 - Middle School Jazz Fest (3-8 PM) - CHUMS

Previous Information

6th and 7th Grade Solo Night Performance Schedule Now Ready

Performance times have now been set for our 6th and 7th Grade Solo Nights (click button below to find your child's time). ALL 6th and 7th grade students have been assigned a time including those planning to do the WSMA Festival on Feb 12.


  • We highly recommend this experience for all students as it provides a wonderful opportunity to perform as a soloist and to receive feedback from another music educator. If, however, your child cannot attend the solo night please let us know so we take them off the schedule.

  • 6th and 7th Grade Percussion students will only perform at the 6th grade solo night on Monday, Jan 24.

  • If your child's performance time does not work, please let us know and we will do what we can to move or exchange performance times. If possible, please only request a time change if absolutely necessary. Thank you for your flexibility.

  • 6th Grade Solo Night - Monday, Jan. 24 (5-7 PM)

    7th Grade Solo Night - Tuesday, Jan 25 (5-7 PM)


5:20 pm- Arrive

5:25 pm - Warm-up & photo taken

5:40 pm - Performance

5:45 pm - Fill out reflection

5:55 pm - Depart

School Instrument Repair & Rental Fees

If your child uses a school instrument a $50 charge has been applied to their Infinite Campus Account last week. The $50 covers the entire school year and helps to pay for maintenance and repair fees. We do our best to keep our school instruments in good playing condition. We also spend time teaching your children how to maintain and care for their instruments (regardless if they are owned by you, the school, or a music store). As you know, instruments cost many hundreds and even thousands of dollars. We appreciate your continued support!

WSMA District Solo/Ensemble Reminders

Reminders for those families participating in the WSMA SE Festival on Feb 12 at Patrick Marsh Middle School.

  • Fees for the festival are in your child's Infinite Campus account. IF you haven't paid yet, please do this ASAP.
  • To see a list of the students who are registered for the festival please click here. The schedule will come out in late January with specific times.
  • Please consider donating some food or helping us that day! It is a LOT of fun and your help is vital to making this run smoothly. Here is the Sign-up Genius

How Can I Find More Information?

Here is a link to our Band Website ( this is a great place to look if you ever have questions. We try to keep it updated with everything you would need.

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