Why is 666 the "Number of the Beast"

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Everybody says that the beast has 7 heads and ten horns, (Stuwart),but some websites say the beast has no horns. The bible says that God gave the beast its name as a symbol because of its defining attributes. In 666 B.C. It was considered the date for the advent of the antichrist.
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Modern day theories

666 is the Number of the Beast. The beast has seven heads and ten horns. People get the mark of the beast on there hand because they follow it,(Stuwart). The number 666 rules everybody and every tribe,(Stuwart).


666 may be the number of the beast but some people say its just a number. The beast could be real and it might have 7 heads and 10 horns or maybe it is just a normal animal. Could the "Number of the Beast" be a tiger or a cat? We will never know because there have been no good spottings of the beast.


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