Ochs' Outlook

October 14, 2016

Language Arts

We will read several nonfiction books about gravity. As we read, we will work on identifying the main idea and supporting details in the book. We will talk about what the book is "mostly about."

Word Work

We will work on identifying the first sound in a word. Throughout the week, we will sing songs and play a variety of games that will help us practice beginning sounds.

Sight Words For Next Week: here, are, come, brown


We will work on making five. For example, we can make five with four and one or two and three. We will read Five Little Monkeys and act out the story to show different ways to make five. During our calendar time, we are working on counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's. We will continue to practice identifying coins by name and value.


We will work on writing small moment stories. When we we write a small moment story, we break a big idea into one small moment. For example, instead of writing about our trip to the beach, we could write about one fun thing we did on our trip. We will practice telling our story across multiple pages.

Science/Social Studies

We will learn about gravity!

Reading Strategies

We are working hard on strategies we can use when we come to an unfamiliar word in our reading. Please use these strategies when reading at home with your child.

1. We can look at the picture for clues.

2. We can use the first letter of the word to help us.

3. We can reread the sentence. Sometimes, other words in the sentence can help us figure out the unfamiliar word.


Homework will begin on Friday, October 14th. Homework will come home on most Fridays and will always be due on the following Friday.

Reading logs are due every Monday with at least 100 minutes of reading.

Sight word folders should be returned every Friday.


There are a lot of great resources on eClass. Please visit our class page for activities to help your child practice skills we are learning at school.

Number and Name Writing Practice

There are two laminated pieces of paper in your child's folder today. These are practice pages for writing numbers to 10 and your child's first name. You may keep these at home and use if your child needs extra practice.

Specials Schedule

Monday, October 17th- Day 4 (Literacy)

Tuesday, October 18th- Day 5 (Art)

Wednesday, October 19th- Day 5 (Art)

Thursday, October 20th- Day 5 (Art)

Friday, October 21st- Day 6 (STEAM)

Important Dates

Friday, October 28th- Bingo Night

Tuesday, November 8th- No School

Library books should be returned every Wednesday!