The ME Project

By: Rajinder Dhillon

Who am I?

Hi, my name Rajinder and I am 16 years old. I am currently in grade 10 and live in Brampton. I really enjoy playing video games and watching shows or movies in my free time. I am a logical person and really like the subjects science and math. My future job or career plan is to become an mechanical engineer mainly because it has to do with science and math and also because I enjoy designing and improving mechanical systems like cars.

My Life Line

My favourite things!

I have many favourite things but my top 3 favourite things is my PS4, soccer, and the show Game of Thrones. PS4 is one of my favourite things because its a great thing to pass my free time with and also because I get to chat with my friends over the mic and play video games together. Soccer is one of my favourite things because I really enjoy playing sports and being active. There are many other sports I play but soccer is my favourite because I am good at it and because all my friends enjoy playing it with me. Last but not least Game of Thrones is also one of my favourite things because Its a really good show. Not only the acting in the show but also the story line of the show is very well done.

My leadership style!

The style of leadership I have is coercive, which basically is a leader that demands immediate obedience. One example of where I exercise this kind of leadership style is when I am playing video games with my friends. When me and my friends are playing together, I'm usually the captain and everyone basically has to do as I say, otherwise they meet do something wrong and we might not succeed.

My influences!

My main influences are my parents and some of my friends. Starting from when I was a little kid my parents have always told me to work hard in school and be kind to one another to succeed. Also my parents have always been there for any help I need either based on school or just something in general. Since I have my parents support my internal character is determined to work hard and never give up on something. My friends have also influenced me to stay as a great person as I grow up. One of my greatest friends has known me for almost my whole life, which is Jaskaran. We have been there for each other and don't put each down and don't let each other give up.

My role model!

A person that is has been important to me in my life is my cousin who is about 6 years older than me. My cousin currently attends Ryerson University for an engineering program. Me and my cousin have a lot of things in common from favourite show to career plans. He is a very determined person who never gives up and is very hard working. He is important to me because I look up to him and he's able to help me out in any of my problems. Since he's in a engineer program and that's what Im planning to do, I can ask him what I will need to be able to do in order to be a successful engineer. Also he is very supportive and believes I will be able to become a successful engineer If i work hard and meet my goals.

My future!

My main future career plan is an engineer, most likely an mechanical engineer. I am interested in this career for many different reason. To start off engineering has everything to do with science and math, so since I love math and science, I would a job has to do with both. Also I would love this job because I want to design different types of machines and work with other engineers to invent new machinery. This career will require a lot of hard work and good marks and I think I am capable of meeting the requirements. I order to become an mechanical engineer I will need to go to university for 4 years. Depending on what university I go to for mechanical engineering I will need to get a certain mark average and classes in grade 12. To get into the mechanical engineering program at Ryerson University I will need a minimum of low 80s. Once I have got into the university I will have a program length of 4 to 5 years and after finishing the program I will be able to go out in the world and start applying for jobs.
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Family Symbols!

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This symbol is used to represent my religion which is Sikhism. This also represents me and family because we are Sikhs. I am not a really religious person, so I do not know much about my religion.
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Flag of India

This picture is India's flag on the country India and this represents my family because my parents were born in India and later moves to Canada. This also represents me because even though I was born in Canada I am still a Indian person. This picture also represents my vacation destination, every few years my whole family goes to India mainly to meet our relatives that live their and to go live at our house which is in India.

My quiz results!

A.) Learning Styles: Visual-Auditory Learner

Personality: ENTJ

Interests: The Maker

Knowledge: Physical Education

Motivations: Achievement

B.) Kiersey: Guardian

Enneagram: Type 1 The Reformer

C.) Multiple Intelligence: Logical

D.) Multiple Intelligence: Interpersonal, Visual, and Logical

E.) True Colours: Green

F.) Meyer-Briggs: INTJ-A

G.) John Holland Career Clusters: Thinker and Building

H.) Right or Left Brain: 48% Left Brain and 42% Right Brain

My Reflection!

Comparing all of these quizzes they were mostly similar and pretty accurate. The one that I found that was most accurate is the John Holland Career Cluster quiz. I found the John Holland quiz was the most accurate because it was all correct and the top 2 sections were the 2 sections I need for my future career plan, which is an mechanical engineer. Also why I think it's accurate is because the top 2 sections are the 2 things Im good at and like doing. John Holland Career Clusters was also the most helpful in helping me determine what I want to do in the future. At the end of quiz it showed me all the careers I could go into and I plan is to go into engineer which was also in that final list. At the end it did not only give me engineering options but also many other career options which I found were pretty interesting, such as architect, geoscientist, and many more. The quiz I found the least helpful was the right or left brain quiz. This quiz wasn't really helpful because after taking the quiz It didn't explain much about me, it just gave some information which wasn't really helpful to me. Also it wasn't really helpful because it didn't give me any careers I could choose from and see If I fit in a certain career, so basically this quiz only told me that Im left brain dominant and some information about people that are left brain dominant. Therefore this quiz wasn't helpful to me since the information given wasn't important.
One strength I have is supportive, which basically means I am a really good helper and like helping people If they are stuck on something. Supportive also means I like to share my knowledge with others, especially with friends and family. An example I can give of supportive is when Im in math class I usually finish before others and help classmates on their math work If they don't understand something. My second strength is hard working and determined, which basically is sticking to your work for long hours and put in a lot of effort to see an idea through. It also means meeting the criteria and always meeting the goal on time. An example I can give for hard working is for school projects whenever I have a school project I always put in time to finish my project with the requirements. My third strength is independent, which means I usually like to finish work on my alone and not bothered by others. Also it means I they are confident in there ideas and will not care what others say. An example for independent is in school when doing work I usually like to work on my own and not be talking with anyone, since it helps me think and work faster. My final strength is imaginative and strategic mind which is able to take chance to improve their knowledge and very curious, also always up for challenges to cross the requirements. An example for strategic mind is whenever there is a challenge question in my math or science homework I always attempt to do it even If Im not fully correct.
My first weakness is judgmental which is having too much confidence in their ideas, and saying others are wrongs, which can end up in a bad way because you can't always be correct. An example is when I am in a argument I always think I am right from my point of view, but sometimes I turn out to be wrong. The second weakness I have is patience, which basically means I can't wait to long or wait for something to long. I always want to do things quick and not have to wait for someone. An example is whenever I have a test I always try to finish quick and not go over my work after finishing, which is not good because If I don't go over my work there might be some mistakes I left in my work. My third weakness is poor long-term planning, which is not planning for the future and only thinking about what's going on currently. This is a big weakness because you might say I will figure it out when it comes and when it does come your stuck and in a big problem. An example can be whenever I get a project from a class I find boring I usually leave the project to finish last minute. Leaving something last minute is usually not good because you didn't use your work time wisely. My final weakness is lack of some skills, which means I perform good at what I like but some things either that have to do with school or home I am not really good at. An example can be my English class, English is one of my most disliked classes specially because I do not like writing long essays. Also because I am not really good at essay writing and spelling words, which is a skill I should work on.