DNA Extraction Experiment

By: Chris Rotter


What the difference between pea DNA and Banana DNA?


I think that the DNA will have a different color and the amount will be different. I think it won't look like the thread looking DNA extracted from the peas instead it will look thicker and grayish not white. Since bananas are not veggies but a fruit that will be what effects the DNA or there would be no difference between fruits and veggies.


  1. Gather Equipment
  2. Blend organism & peas making sure to us same amount of water and salt
  3. Strain and place in cups
  4. Add a few drops of soap to each blend
  5. Put mixture in test tubes
  6. Add enzyme
  7. Add alcohol slowly
  8. Record and compare data
  9. Take picture of end results (I forgot to do)

Amounts Used

Water- 100mL

Peas- 50mL


Salt- 1 pinch

Soap- 3 drops


Peas- Quite a bit of DNA whitish

Bananas- very little DNA grayish color


Bananas' DNA is different than pea DNA in color and in amount.