Great Santa Cruz Island

sinking out of existence


The Great Santa Cruz Island is in the Philippines, at exactly 6.866N, and 122.0639E. The island is closer to the plate boundary rather then the inside of the plate. The coast was created through marine forces which make it a secondary coast. It has been sinking due to a sea level rise which will eventually swallow the entire island.

Why is the color of the sand pink?

The color of the sand comes from pulverized red organ pipe coral from eons of surf erosion mixed with white sand.

Island losing popularity

Illegal coral reef mining and frequent tourism from Germany and Italy have crippled this island community. Through the deposition of sand through the waves grinding against the coast, this has caused major wear and tear on the shore, eating away at what's left of the pink sand beach. Islands come and go and this coast is at the end of its life cycle.