Pk4.1 News

What is happening in PK4.1?

Dear Families,

Last week students were introduced to small groups. I had a fun time observing your child during small groups. HUMPTY DUMPTY said " Este es mi papa y mi mama cuando estan enamorados" Our important and emphasized word was: LOVE!

During Circle time, we sang our welcome song , weather song, ABC and Mary had a little lamb song. This coming week we will keep talking about " All About Me", and how special and unique we are in our own way.

The PK 4 Team focused on the importance of playground rules. We modeled safe and unsafe behaviors. We want our children to understand the reason of our BEE rules; and how they contribute to safety play while HAVING FUN.

Books of the Week

books information

We read four books this week. Those books are: World of Families , All about me, Charlie Anderson and Henny Penny. Please re-read these stories at home.

Literacy learning

Children love to hear their favorite books read over and over again. Repeated readings help young children master the storyline, ideas, and language of a story.

Repeated reading helps children become familiar with the vocabulary, repeated themes, and the lan­guage in the story. You can use repeated story readings to help preschool children understand, talk about, and be part of the story. Many young children, especially those with speech and language de­lays, are not able to grasp an entire story on the first reading. Having books read a number of times helps children understand and notice new things.

Mary had a little lamb SILLY VERSION

Mary Had A Little Lamb | Animal Song | Super Simple Songs


We have P.E on Tuesdays and Fridays. Some students are not bringing their P.E uniform.

On September 7th we will be having our first lockdown drill of the year.


We have a case of lice in the classroom.

see our homework fun calendar

Next week song!

There is no one

There is no One

(tune: Clementine)

There is no one, there is no one, there is no one just like you
I am different, I am special, I am unique as I can be.

We might both have lots of freckles, we might both have eyes of blue,
but there’s no one who’s just like me, and there is no one just like you!

Fun Homework for Pk4


Each month I will be sending home a “family fun calendar” with

suggestions for activities you can do with your child at home.

Children grow up so quickly, and I know you want to enjoy this

magical year by spending quality time with them each day.

The best way to help your child learn to read is to read, read,

read to them. Model reading, take your child to the library, and

schedule time every day to read. The reading calendar I’ll send

home each month will enable your child to record those special


You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again. YOU are your child’s

first and most important teacher! Children today need the same

things they have always needed. They need caring adults to talk

to them, sing to them, read to them, play with them, and LOVE

them. And the good news is that the best things to do with

children are FREE!

I know how busy you are, so I’ll help you with suggestions for songs, finger plays, nursery rhymes, science experiments, crafts, games, and snacks you can try each month. I want to do all I can to make this the BEST year ever for your child!

I look forward to getting to know your family as we build memories together!