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Enfield Head Start, Integrated Pre-K, PK STEAM Academy

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October 2, 2020

Greetings SELC Families,

Outdoor play is such an essential component of the PK day. As we head into October we will see cooler temps in the morning and warmer weather in the afternoon. Please consider sending your child in layers so we can help them adjust as needed!

As we wrap up the first month of school under a hybrid model, we have been evaluating participation during in person days and remote learning (Integrated) and remote Wednesdays and hybrid home days (Head Start and PK STEAM). We are so excited about all of the playful learning going on in school and at home and truly enjoy our LIVE meeting times! Thank you for partnering with us to provide a high quality PK experience under unique circumstances.

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Room 3 friends, Cody and David, use teamwork to construct this tall tower with a little help from Mr. Jake!