The Runaway Scrape

Just keep running, just keep running!

Game Pieces

  • Game board
  • Dice
  • Pawns
  • 80 cards


Are you tired of the same old Texas Alamo games? Well, we have a solution for you! This super fun game will make you feel like you are actually part of the runaway scrape! Be the first to pass the "Freedom" flag to win, and get out of Texas! To begin, place your pawn on the green square that says "Start." Before you begin, choose the order each player will go in, then allow the first player roll the die. Next as you run around Texas you will reach different cities with questions and problems along the way. From the starting point, roll the die and move the amount you rolled. Then, whichever color you land on grab a question card that is the same color as the place in Texas you just arrived in. After you answer the trivia question, depending if you get it correct, you can move your pawn the amount your card says, but if you say the wrong answer, move back the number that's on the card. Repeat this step each time it's your turn. Later in the game when your pawn gets further, you may land on a red square with a river running past it. If that happens, move your pawn south, landing on the other red square below the river. Once your turn comes around after you go down the river, continue moving your pawn towards the finish line starting from the red square the river led you to. During the game, if you land on a red square at the bottom of a river, do not move up the river, but sit back and relax, you do not need to answer a trivia card! Now as you move along the Texas game board, if you land upon a square with a dice, you're in luck! You can roll again from that spot without having to answer a question, until you move your pawn for the second time in a row! Finally after all of your obstacles through Texas whichever pawn makes it to the finish line first, escapes Texas and gains freedom! That first person that makes it to the end is also crowned, winner of the game!