Chiang Mai


Why is it amazing?

Chiang Mai is the second largest city of Thailand. The city is located in the north of Thailand. Because of its northern location, the city is a bit isolated. That makes Chiang Mai unique. So it has its own culture with dialect, festivals and traditions. You have a lot of activities and attractions there. I have chosen Chiang Mai because it has a wonderful nature there. I would love to go to Thailand myself because this seems like a wonderful city. The prices there are also fair.

Traditional Khantoke Dinner and Show from Chiang Mai

Enjoy an evening out by having a Khantoke Dinner, the customary northern Thai style of eating with food being served in large platters at low tables while you sit on mats on the floor. Sitting down to a well-presented meal of good and delicious food is something to enjoy. As you enjoy your meal, let yourself be entertained by a selection of northern cultural performances. Many believe this north Thailand dinner with music and dance was invented for tourists.To end the evening, there is a special hilltribe show. Visitors who have been to a Thai dinner show in Bangkok usually decide to give Khantoke dinners a miss because they think the two are similar. The Khantoke Dinner Dance Show is much more enjoyable than other dinner shows because of the pervading informal atmosphere, really different style of cooking, and gentle slow-tempo dance entertainment.

Chiang Mai Elephants at Work Tour

A pleasant morning is spent in the company of the magnificent gentle giants of Chiang Mai - the Elephant. In present day Thailand, elephants are only used as tremendously powerful beasts of burden. But in the earlier times, they were a vital part of the King's army and played a very important role in Thai History. On this trip you will witness the traditional techniques still used in the elephant training process. Wonder at the delicacy and preciseness of such gigantic creatures in action. For a small fee, the adventurous can also enjoy the short but unforgettable elephant ride! On the return journey to the hotel a stop is made at the beautiful Mae Sa Waterfall, as well as one of the region's orchid farms displaying a full variety of some of Thailand's exquisite blooms.

ATV Jungle Adventure from Chiang Mai

After pickup in the morning, depart from your hotel directly to the quad bike station. After a safety briefing and operating instructions, put on your safety jacket and helmet and steer your ATV around the camp track during supervised driving practice. Then you have to follow your guide over roads, tracks and jungle trails. It’s an exciting way to discover the northern Thai countryside, whether you take the wheel, sit in the passenger seat or switch between rides.

Drive off-road through a spectacular landscape including Huay Tung Tao Lake, a large body of water surrounded by mountains, woodland and verdant jungle. You have to prepare to get dirty as your quad bike adventure bumps you along a forest path, across a river and over a mountain, before you hop off to return to your hotel by midday.