Not All Cute Animals Are Nice

What Are Rabies?

There are so many cute animals in the world. They all look like they would be nice to pet. Even though they look nice, that doesn't mean that they are. Sometimes these animals get a special kind of sickness called rabies. Rabies makes animals act strange and it usually makes them really mean. When animals have rabies they will bite you. If you get bitten, you will start to act strange and be really mean too.

What Do You Do If You Are Bitten?

If an animal with rabies bites you, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible! When you get there a doctor will give you a shot called prophylaxis. That is a big word, but it is a shot to help prevent infection. After the doctor gives you that shot, they will do some tests and give you four more shots over the next two weeks. These shots are rabies vaccinations. Vaccinations will stop you from getting any other infections from the bite.

What If You Haven't Been Bitten?

If you have not been bitten by an animal it is important that it stays that way. For your safety it is important that you only watch wild animals that are outside and never touch them. If an animal is letting you get close to it, that is not normal and you need to stay away from it. Also, never touch dead animals. If they had rabies before they died it can still be in their blood and spit. It is also important for you and the pets you keep in your house to get the rabies vaccination so you can stay safe all the time while you are playing outside.


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