Live And Achieve Goals.

Krystin Jaramillo 7th Grade 6th Block Avid.

Achievements So Far!

I've achieved so much since being in avid,it's been a blessed semester, to know that I have someone to help me work towards my goal's, like collage.I've learned alot about collage's like there campuse's,colors,mascot's,and learning program's.This class has helped me to think about my goal's in life like what I want to be,or what kind of job I want to have.It helps to know that i have someone to help me with the things that i want in life. I've learned to know what i am going to spend my life time on.I know what I want to be and have a idea of what collage to go to.and i've also achieved to be a lot more organized in the binder in order to get through college.
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Grades have been good so far of course me being a human they have slipped like once or twice but i have picked them back up fast.I have gotten alot more higher grades since being in avid because of tutorials.I really suck at math but when i have tutorials after words I have it down.I have had a good grade in math since avid it does go down from time to time but thats just because of lazyness.I think i've done alot better at remembering to do my homework and keeping my grades up high since being in avid.
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Tutorials have helped me so much with classes,grades,and work in general.Having tutorials is a good thing for us who are stuggleing with things we don't understand.I've got a good grade on all my tutorials because of getting to understand what i was confused on.I really hope to have tutorials as I get older because everybody gets confused weather they are older or way older.
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My G.P.A has been a good one, learning what a G.P.A is makes you think about really making good grades in your class for the sake of getting a high G.P.A.I like how my G.P.A has been since being in avid and being able to understand my work.I do hope to be able to get as high of a G.P.A in college maybe even higher.
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Cornell notes.

Having cornell notes has helped me to grow as a student to have such a good resource.I have got alot better at writing cornell notes as far as a full page,h.d,and the summary's.There are some that are better than others as far as having them in h.d form.cornell notes are better in the ways of being able to use them for avid and also for work and homwork as well.
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Weekly learning log.

Having a weekly learning log is good for me because i can go back and see what i learned during the week.I also like having them so i can express what i liked and what i disliked about what i learned.I can also talk about the fun ways that we leaned it.weekly logs are very good for those of us who forget a lot.
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My Plan For Next Semester! krystin jaramillo 6th block 01/15/15

My plan is to do everything i can to stay out of trouble still, and to still have my good grades.I want even better grades then this semester so i can get a higher G.P.A .My plan is to just get through the next semester with positive addittude and the best grades ever!