The Birth of a New Religion!

by mason scoggin


Abraham, Father of monotheism

Abraham was a dreamer. He told of a single god, that all other gods were fakes. He said that god came to him in his sleep and told him to leave his home and go to a new country. God also promised to make him the father of a great nation.

Abrahams son Isaac is the father of judaism!

amazingly, when Abraham was 100 and his wife at 90 they had a child by the name of Isaac. Isaac went on to create Judaism, a great religion.

Abraham makes a covenant (agreement) with god.

Abraham made an agreement with got that for his faith god would protect him and his descendants.

The ultimate sacrifice

To god his belief, he was to sacrifice his son, but just before he killed him they found a ram trapped in bushes who was sacrificed instead.


the exodus

after moses freed the Israelites from slavery he led the to the red sea witch he parted with a walking stick. the jews escaped and the Egyptian army died
Plauges! to free the Israelites moses cast plauges upon the Egyptians. read this to read about them!

Moses claim to fame

Mosses' most famous act was leading the jews out of slavery to Cannan


War with the Philistines

the Philistines who were at war with israelites sent a message. It said that if they could defeat there champion they would be the israelites slave. David, disgusted with their mockery of god took the challenged and felled goliath with a single stone. He then was made the king by god.


the great temple

Solomon, replacing his father David built the great temple of Jerusalem still considered a very holy place even today. it is one of the greatest temples of all time