COME to Portland Tonight!

Connecting, Action Oriented Training & Spreading the Love


Hello Sparkles and Other Stella Sisters!

Michelle and I have a few KEY things to share for tonight's meeting, so please be sure to read this, so you'll be ready!

1) It's not too late to register and join us! We have a couple of cars coming from Portsmouth too if you'd like to jump in! Links are below and you'll be included in the Devon Layering raffle if you are on the Sparkles team.

2) What To Wear (New!) Celebrate V-Day and Spring! Please wear red or pink (if you have it!) and your favorite statement piece or layered look from the new collection.

3) Timing: 6:30 Start Unless Prospectives Are Registered If we do not have registered prospectives, we are going to go ahead and start at 6:30. If you have a prospective (even if a maybe), please register her.

4) Help a Sister Out! Tips for Maximizing Valentine's Day Sales? What tip or 2 could you share with the group of something you've done in the past, have done this year or plan to try?

5) Who Do You Love? Think of 2 or 3 people in your life (friends, kids, significant others, team members, whatever) that you'd like to spread the love to with a card

Lastly, what team member are you hoping to see or meet tonight? What about reaching out to her today to bring her along?

Love and a fantastic February Meet Up to us,


It's Not Too Late...And I'll Include You In The Raffle (for Sparkles Team)!

I'm going to be flexible, since I want you to BE THERE and remind you that it's not too late to join us tonight. Register yourself here and be sure to register any guests too...

Register for Tonight in South Portland:

Register Prospective Stylists or Hostesses You Are Bringing:

Red Stamp to Share With Prospective Stylists (Click to Download & Save to Your Phone) and Share!

Can't Make It Tonight? Join Me For 20 Minutes Live

I've updated my coaching call availability for next week and would love to talk. I have made accommodations for those who work during the day (chat during lunch or Sunday pm) too! Please click below to sign up to discuss a goal big or smaller, to make a plan or to talk about a roadblock that you want to move out of the way!

Mondays: 11:30-1 or 1:30-3 EST

Tuesdays: 12:30-2:30 EST

Thursdays: 2-3 EST

Sundays: 8:30-9:30pm EST

REMINDER: New Stylist Training via Video Chat AND/OR Conference Call TUESDAY 2/4 9-9:30pm

If you are a new leader or a new stylist that has not had a formal New Stylist Training or would like a supplement or refresher, please email me by NOON EST Tuesday to let me know if you'd like to join and I'll respond with the simple details of how to jump on.
  • 9-9:30pm EST
  • You can choose to be on Google Hangout (easy to use video chat) OR on a conference call using my conference line
  • If you are video chat, PLEASE don't get fancied up...our team is a no judgment zone. Sweatpants and lack of makeup are encouraged!