Party on Saturday, Praise on Sunday

Turn up with the Pardon!!!!!!

The Life of the Party "Preacher or Party Animal"?

{News Report} The pardoner was seen at a night bar living it up. It was said he had more than he could swallow. {Statement from pardoner, " The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire we don't need no water let the mofo burn; aye Toni what you got on my 40 homie?"} It looks pretty bad in here folks, is he a preacher or a party animal? We'll have more tonight, back to you Barbara.

Interview After the Pardon's Wild Night

{News Reporter} "So Mr. Blacksmith how come you were at a night bar all night partying and drinking till you couldn't even see your feet"

{Mr. Blacksmith-Pardoner} "Only God knows............GET THAT CAMERA OUT MY FACE!"

{News Reporter} "Well I'm sorry sir, ummmm sir are you okay?"

{Mr. Blacksmith} "Get me......some money.......some wine........... and then you can holla at me.

{News Reporter} "Well you heard it here first guys, the Pardon isn't such a saint after all. Back to you Barbara."

.................[Off Camera] {News Reporter} "Now about that drink"...........