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Leveraging Technology to Promote Critical Thinking

Technology is a tool that cannot replace the classroom teacher but can increase student engagement and promote 21st century skills.

When planning three-part lessons that include technology and are purposeful with the intention of promoting critical thinking, we need to really interrogate the technology. Use this organizer to think through your use of a specific tech tool.

Use the information that you gather from this organizer as the basis for your presentation on April 23rd.

So many tech tools exist to augment and enhance teaching and learning

But what we can't forget, is teaching is rooted in great pedagogy. This smore is dedicated to providing ideas to use in your three-part lessons along with technology.

What is critical thinking?

Making Thinking Visible

SAMR Model

SAMR in 120 Seconds

Minds On!


20th C Amer Lit 1 8 13


Mark Church demonstrates the Headlines routine

Exit Cards and Feedback

Assessment Planning

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