Diary of Anne frank



In the diary of Anne Frank one theme was courage that people show courage in good times and bad times. one example is when the nazi’s are screaming at her father. “Anne is no longer a child but a woman with courage for whatever lies ahead” (433). She lived in the annex for almost 2yrs now the nazis were at her door Anne is not afraid of the nazis at her door. other example.) is that Anne showed courage when she sang the hanukkah song Mr Frank said “ have we lost all faith? all courage? a moment ago we thought that they'd come for us. We were sure it was the end” Mr Frank said “ Come on anne . The song. Let’s have the song”(406+408). because Mr.Frank told her to have courage. Anne voice gradually grow louder and louder.

Other theme was faith people have faith when things get bad one example.) is when the franks praying before the Hanukkah there is eight candles lighting Mr Frank “ Praised be thou,oh lord our God, ruler of the universe” (401).Mr. Frank was praying that God would help them through the Nazis killing their religion. Another example of the faith getting people through bad things is “He that keepeth Israel, Thee will not slumber nor sleep.” (401). Mrs. Frank is praying that God will keep the Jews alive through the concentration camps. A third example is when Anne is giving presents. “Mrs. Frank is speaking, “What is it?”, “Presents!” answers Anne (403). Every year the Franks have presents in Hanukkah.This shows their faith because they are doing what they normally would do even if the Nazis hadn’t taken over.Even if they hadn’t had to go into hiding. Faith gets people through bad times, just like the Franks getting through WWII. Otto Frank was a businessman. He was born on May 12, 1889 and died on August 19, 1980 in Birsfelden, Switzerland. He was remarried after Edith died to Elfriede Geiringer. She died on October 2, 1998 in London. He was a businessman who made jams. He had two daughters, Margot and Anne. Miep Gies helped him by hiding him from Adolf Hitler.

A fedora hat represents Otto Frank because he wore it during his business hours. People who wear this kind of had are businessman. He was a strong father and a strong husband and mentor to look up to in Anne's eyes he was the only one that she wanted to talk to about her nightmares and boys all she wants is to talk to Peter the boy that was in hiding with Anne Otto Frank liked Peter as a guest in his company were Otto was hiding at during ww2.


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