The Clean Team

By: Summer Orr

What is the problem?

Families throughout the world are living in slums, which are homes without running water, no air conditioning or heat, and no furniture to sleep on. Basically people were living in boxes and having to make do with it.
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what are we doing to fix the problem?

The Clean Team is a group of higher class people that goes around from states, cities, and even homes to make sure that families have clean, safe homes with running water and a nice place to sleep at night.
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How is this possible?

People see these families in need and are coming together to help as many families as we can. The problem is being noticed more and more throughout the world and the families that are considered "high class" are starting to help.
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Who is this affecting?

Not only does this benefit the lower class people with getting them on their feet and finding a more stable home to live in, but its affecting the higher class people who decided to come together and help the families in need. Being on the clean team is very beneficial for both sides.